My Name is Rachele Siering — This Is What I Achieve at Aha!

Rachele reviews finance team metrics at our onsite in Lake Tahoe, CA. | Photo by Jodi B Photography

July 21, 2023

My Name is Rachele Siering — This Is What I Achieve at Aha!

by Why I Joined Aha!

What is the best way to accelerate your career? Work in a high-growth company that challenges you and puts learning first. An unwavering motivation to continue improving and achieving is also key. The highest performers constantly pursue new ideas and seek to understand the experiences and motivations of the people around them. We can learn a lot from them.

Curiosity fuels growth — which is why we want to bring you personal stories of achievement from talented people. Our hope is that some of their ideas are useful and maybe even inspirational as you work to become your best.

Meet Rachele Siering, VP of finance and operations on the Aha! team. She has been part of Aha! for more than six years — starting as a director of finance and growing into her current role. Rachele loves pushing herself and her team to take on new challenges and keep learning. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband and daughter.

Read on to learn more about how she finds meaning and joy in her work — in her own words.

What energizes you about your role?

"I am energized by helping the business and the team succeed. For example, recruiting and hiring new team members allows the business to support our customers, develop new products, and take on even bolder challenges. It also helps existing team members by keeping workloads manageable.

Planning our amazing onsites is another super rewarding part of my role. Meeting in person every six months keeps us all connected and aligned on strategy — and I love seeing how much joy our team experiences at these events."

Which recent accomplishment at Aha! are you most proud of?

"I am always so proud of the team and all they are able to achieve. Most recently, the recruiting team hit our hiring and headcount goals for the first half of the year. This was a huge win for us — they worked incredibly hard together to make this happen. I am also proud of the finance team for creating new analytics dashboards that are already helping us review our key metrics more efficiently."

What has been the most rewarding thing about joining the Aha! team?

"It is hard to pick just one! But overall, joining Aha! has given me the opportunity to progress in my career and work on challenging tasks while also being present for my family. Working remotely, I can spend the time I used to spend commuting with my loved ones. And if I need to step away in the middle of the day to take care of something personal, I can."

"I am so fortunate to contribute to meaningful and substantial projects with some of the most talented people I have ever worked with."

What is the most surprising but useful career advice someone has given you?

"You cannot be great at everything, so don’t try to be. Instead, use your strengths to find a way around your weaknesses."

"Someone once told me this and it really stuck with me. We all have different skills, talents, and preferences. Look for opportunities to lean in to the unique value you are able to offer — whether your strengths are primarily business, technical, or interpersonal. Sometimes by using and improving the talents that come naturally to you, you can find creative ways to succeed and grow in the areas that do not."

How should someone keep learning and increasing their knowledge in a similar role?

"Always be hands-on. Get into the details with the team and push yourself to take on new tasks that might be outside your comfort zone."

"As people progress in their careers, they tend to move further away from the details in order to focus more on high-level initiatives. But businesses, market trends, and customer needs are constantly changing — there is no better way to continue learning and growing than by doing a task yourself. This is why I continue to make time to dive into the details of some of our finance projects. I love staying close to data and analysis — sharing my knowledge with the team and helping make decisions that will directly impact the business."

The What I Achieve series spotlights the achievements and contributions of the Aha! team. For insights into how we got here, read our Why I Joined posts.

We are bootstrapped, profitable, fully remote, and hiring. Join us and achieve your best.

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