My Name Is Ashley Borg — This Is Why I Joined Aha!
March 27, 2020

My Name Is Ashley Borg — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

by Why I Joined Aha!

Creativity runs in my family. I come from a long line of inventors, painters, and crafters. My parents always encouraged me to explore my artistic side. As a kid, I spent my weekends doing anything tactile and creative — painting, building Lego cities, and sewing my own clothing. My mom has made more than 100 quilts and I continue to embroider as a hobby to this day.

What I love most is the intersection of form and function — creating things that people can use in a practical way.

I began studying interior architecture and industrial design in college. But creating mood boards and designing objects was not as fulfilling as I imagined. So I changed my major to art with a focus on graphic design. I enjoyed the strategic mindset required to think through a user’s experience and anticipate how an audience would absorb the information I was presenting visually.

My first job out of school was at an advertising agency. I worked on accounts for a few well-known brands (Acura, Honda, and Kraft Foods to name a few) and learned everything I could about digital design. Making animated banner ads, redesigning websites, and attending photoshoots and commercials gave me a deep understanding of every aspect of branding and creative production.

While advertising was exciting and fast-paced, I longed to apply my creative skills to work that brought me more meaning and provided real value.

After freelancing for several clients in the entertainment and insurance spaces, I decided to make a bold move. I joined the user experience team at a global financial services company. Although I knew nothing about mutual funds, I could not pass up the opportunity to pursue a deeper purpose — helping people save for college and retirement and navigate the complex (and often emotionally-charged) topic of money.

For the next seven years, I established design standards for the whole organization (first as a UX designer, then associate creative director). I created websites and logos, developed branding for internal groups within the company, and designed every element of some of our events and conferences. I seized every opportunity to present to our CMO and leadership team. I approached each pitch with a strategic storytelling perspective, showing how our audience would connect emotionally with the creative.

I was able to touch many pieces of the business. But after embarking on a massive rebranding project, I was ready to start again. I knew I wanted to solve problems and create experiences for people that improved their lives in some way. And I wanted to bring my skills to another organization where I could make a broad impact.

I was searching for an organization that valued authenticity, respect, and hard work. After finding Aha! on Glassdoor, I started asking coworkers about the company and reading about its history. During the interview process, I saw how the company actually treated candidates and teammates. Each conversation challenged my thinking and reassured me that the values listed on the website were actually practiced. I was excited to join.

Every day I apply my creative thinking to help customers understand the value of Aha! — which ultimately leads them to build products and experiences that their customers love.

The culture at Aha! is incredibly strong and ingrained in everything we do. I find it refreshing that we have a clear vision but do not take ourselves too seriously. This is evident in our virtual Halloween celebrations, genuine interactions online and at onsites, and how we support one another and our communities during challenging times.

I love thinking about what our customers need during their journey with our software. But what makes Aha! so unique is the people behind the product. The experience and expertise that we offer is truly unmatched. I am always looking for new ways to present the lovability behind our brand. And I am proud to continue the family legacy and use my creativity to help people in a tangible way.

That is why I joined Aha! — and why you should too.

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