From Zombie Elvis to Barbie — happy Aha!lloween!

Aha! team members getting into character for the annual Halloween contest | Photo by Aha!

October 31, 2023

From Zombie Elvis to Barbie — happy Aha!lloween!

by Aha!

Team lovability takes many forms. It means achieving great things together. Embracing at a company onsite. And sometimes ... wearing matching wigs, elaborate face paint, and vampire fangs at an all-hands meeting. At least, that is true for the Aha! team when Halloween comes around.

We have many ways of connecting as a team throughout the year, but none are quite as creative as the Aha!lloween costume competition.

Every Friday, we meet as a company to go over progress and performance. Each team gets the chance to present. It is always nice to hear what everyone has been up to, but one particular Friday stands out from the rest each year — the one where we coordinate team costumes to give our updates. Silly, scary, and often surprising, it is all part of a tradition we call "Aha!lloween."

Our team works hard. We also have a lot of fun. Company rituals like Aha!lloween are a favorite way to enjoy our time together. Of course, participation is optional — but costumed or not, everyone gets to delight in the on-camera charades and the memories. (Who could forget Perry's farmer costume complete with live chickens?)

We all want to achieve our best and be happy doing it. This is at the core of what connects us as a team.

As you can probably imagine, a company full of ambitious and creative people means serious business when it comes to winning. Some teams write skits to accompany their costumes. Others try to anticipate what each team will dress as to stay one step ahead. All the planning pays off — this year's contest was just as spooktacular as years past.

In the spirit of Aha!lloween, we rounded up some of the best costumes to share with you.

The votes were close — can you guess who won?

Monsters in paradise

It was a Monster Mash — turned beach bash. With Cruella, Dracula, and Wolfman leading the pack, the marketing team took villains on vacation. Complemented by relaxing tunes and puns galore, this presentation was a memorable moment from the meeting.

Hi Barbie!

Barbie was one of the year's biggest blockbusters and one of our most-loved costume themes. As Astronaut Barbie, President Barbie, and more, the People Success and finance teams presented in all pink (complete with Cowboy Ken, of course).

Which Waldo?

If everyone is Waldo, then where is the real Waldo? This was the puzzle posed to us by the PM/UX team. In a game that kept us guessing, its team members kept this red-and-white-striped secret until the end of their updates.

Imaginative individuals

Some folks brought their own flair to the competition. From rodeo cowboys to cosmic critters, team members across engineering and Customer Success got into the Halloween spirit.

Creative versus comical

We have special categories to celebrate the best of the best — the most creative and funniest costumes. It takes serious commitment to a concept to win one of these titles. That is what Aha!lloween is all about.

And the winners are ... marketing monsters for best group, Leaves for most creative, and Weird Barbie for funniest costume!

Congratulations to all of our winners. If the laughs, comments, and reactions during the meeting were any indication, the costume contest was a success again this year.

Have a happy Halloween!

Our team is happy, productive, and hiring — join us.



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