Automate Status Updates From Aha! Develop to Aha! Roadmaps

Create a seamlessly integrated product development environment.

October 28, 2021

Automate Status Updates From Aha! Develop to Aha! Roadmaps

by Jeff Tucker

Imagine a world where product management and development work together in perfect harmony. You are aligned on product plans and progress. You understand who is doing what and when. You even share updates in real time. Depending on your current situation, it might sound too good to be true. But we think it should be the norm. This is why we are continuing to invest in the integration between Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps — to give you a unified product development environment that keeps everyone in sync.

Auto-update the status of features in Aha! Roadmaps based on the status in Aha! Develop — so product management has instant visibility into engineering progress.

Before we go further, let's recap how Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps work together. Existing Roadmaps customers can enable Develop in your account (or vice versa) to create an integrated environment. This makes it easy for product management to assign roadmap-driven work to the right engineering team for implementation.

The records in Aha! — such as epics, features, and requirements — are the same in both tools. This means that everyone sees the same information (even as details change) and can easily collaborate on the work. Of course, there are certain details that matter more to one team than the other — strategic alignment for product management, and technical implementation details for engineering. So each team also gets a customized view of the work and can define their own workflow.

With today's update, you can now map statuses from one or more teams in Develop to a workspace in Roadmaps. This way, when engineering updates the status of a feature, product management understands its progress — helping everyone stay in lockstep.

Read on to learn how to get the most out of this update:

Map workflow statuses

Navigate to the new "Team mappings" section in your workspace settings. Choose the development team(s) you work with most closely, and map how you want statuses to align. You can map multiple team statuses to the same workspace status. This is useful if your engineering team has steps in their workflow that are not relevant for product management to track — such as code review.

Status mappings are one-way from Develop to Roadmaps.

Stay informed of progress

Let's take a look at the status automation in action. Here, we are looking at the details view for a feature that is assigned to the frontend development team. Notice how changing the development team's status to "PM review" immediately updates the workspace status to "In review." This gives product management an accurate view of progress — whether you are checking the features board or sharing a roadmap or report.

View a record's history to see what status updates were made and when.

Reimagine your product development process using Aha! Develop plus Aha! Roadmaps — working together to move forward in unison.

Let us know if you would like to enable a trial of Develop in your Roadmaps account. And tell us what other enhancements would help your entire product team work together even more effectively.

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Jeff Tucker

Jeff is passionate about promoting customer empathy throughout product and engineering teams. He is a Senior Product Manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software. Jeff has more than 10 years of experience across product, design, and engineering roles. Previously, he managed products at developer tool and cybersecurity startups.

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