Aha! Integrated With Slack
September 2, 2014

Aha! Integrated With Slack

by Brian de Haaff

Aha! is now integrated with Slack to keep the entire team in sync. Slack provides a group chat platform for agile teams, making it easy to keep distributed groups informed and productive through real-time sharing of information and integration with third party systems. You can now automatically send all product planning and roadmapping activity from Aha! to Slack through this integration.

The integration will send the same information that you see in your own activity stream in Aha! For example, the following types of information will be streamed from Aha! to Slack in real-time.

  • Comments on product vision

  • New ideas submitted

  • Priority changes to features

  • Updates to release dates

This integration is fantastic if you want a larger cross-functional team (that might not be part of the product team and in Aha!) to be notified of key product decisions or events. It can give everyone a peek into what’s happening behind the scenes as you set product strategy and create and update your roadmap.

Configure the integration under Account settings in Aha! You can choose to create one or many integrations at the account or product level. If you create it at the account level, it will send the activity stream for every product. You can maintain greater control if you set it up by product. It’s up to you.

You need to be an admin in your Aha! account to create an integration at the account level (see screenshot below) and only a product owner to create one at the product level.

Please be aware though that sending activity out of Aha! and into Slack (or any third party system) bypasses the security controls in Aha! Anyone who has access to your Slack channel will be able to see the activity, regardless of whether they have access to that information in Aha!

Configuration You need an Aha! account and a Slack account to create this integration. Configure the integration in Slack first.

In Slack, go to the integrations section of the account configuration.

  1. Create a new Incoming WebHooks integration.

  2. Choose or create a channel for the Aha! activity to be sent to.

  3. Copy the value of the Your Unique Webhook URL field.

Create the integration in Aha!

  1. Enter the URL from step 4 above in the Webhook URL field.

  2. Click the Test connection button. After a short delay you should see a message appear in your Slack client in the channel you selected.

  3. Enable the integration.

To help you troubleshoot an error, we also give you direct access to the detailed integration logs on the configuration screen.

Get started in minutes

If you are a product manager looking to get mojo back, you may want to sign up for a free 30 day trial of Aha! now to set your product strategy, create a visual roadmap, and work with engineering to build lasting product greatness.

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Brian de Haaff

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