9 Important Aha! Features Launched Fall 2016
December 1, 2016

9 Important Aha! Features Launched Fall 2016

by Jessica Groff

Did you read the post about office snakes on the Aha! blog? I did. The article mentioned “ophidiophobia” — the fear of snakes. That got me wondering: What other kinds of phobias are out there? After digging around, I found one that I can proudly claim.

“Thaasophobia” is the fear of idleness and boredom. I know I have it — and if you are a busy product manager, I will bet you have it too.

It was certainly a busy fall for us. In addition to the new features and integrations we shared with you each week, our engineering team shipped hundreds of behind-the-scenes enhancements to add to your happy use of Aha! Many of these ideas were suggested by you, our users. Keep it up — we love your suggestions and big ideas.

However, if your fall was as active as ours was you may have missed a few of these updates. Here are a few that made a big impact:

1. Roadmap.com
This is not exactly a “feature” — it is more of a movement. But we would be remiss not to include it in this roundup. Product managers deserve a home and at Roadmap.com they finally have one. In October 2016, we launched the world’s first forum focused exclusively on product management. Roadmap.com was built based on what many of you have asked us for — a place where you can ask questions about best practices and share what you know. Read more…

2. The Interactive Dependency Map
This launch brought you a breakthrough visualization. The Interactive Dependency Map allows you to see how key work is related. With one click, you can now display dependencies in an interactive visual and share it with your team. Read more…

3. Reduce roadmap risk by mapping dependencies
Speaking of dependencies, you can now set relationships between any initiative, release, release phase, milestone, feature, and idea using universal dependencies in Aha! By identifying and visualizing dependencies early on, you can bring your cross-functional teams together to deliver critical features on schedule. Read more…

4. Improved capacity planning and time tracking
Capacity planning is both a science and an art. Estimating what work can be completed within a given period of time is never simple. However, comparing those initial estimates against actuals adds a bit more science to the process. Now you have the flexibility to specify how you record work logged in Aha! against your initial estimates when work is shipped. Read more…

5. Craft user stories with no distractions
Bringing the team together to turn ideas into reality requires some serious brainpower. That’s we launched the ability to define user stories and other key product roadmap plans in a distraction-free workspace — the full-page text editor. Read more…

6. Capture customer ideas and eliminate spam
This enhancement filters out spam and unwanted messages from your Aha! ideas portal, making it possible for you to focus on capturing great ideas from your customers, employees, and partners. Read more…

7. Aha! now integrated with Box
This new integration builds on our wide set of integrations including Atlassian JIRA, Slack, Salesforce, and others. Many of you requested the ability to integrate Aha! with Box because you already use Box to store important files that are critical to your product planning. Now you can. Read more…

8. Sync user fields in Aha! with JIRA
It is now possible to assign and link multiple people to different aspects of your features and pass that information between Aha! and Atlassian JIRA. This includes your product managers, UX designers, QA managers, and more. Read more…

9. Rally integration now supports feature tags
Our integration with Rally is one of our most widely used two-way integrations. It was already possible to send your features and requirements from Aha! to Rally and to get status updates back. Now, you can send feature details with tags from Aha! to Rally and vice versa. Read more…

As we head into the end of year and holiday season, we have a lot to be thankful for at Aha!

We are humbled to serve thousands of product managers — helping you to set strategy and build better products. (And to keep the thaasophobia at bay.) Now, it is time to get back to work. Let’s go get busy.

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