8 Transformational Blogs for Product Managers
March 1, 2018

8 Transformational Blogs for Product Managers

by Keith Brown

“February is a time of transformation.” Not words you are used to hearing? Spring is usually synonymous with renewal. Winter is usually all dormancy and hibernation. But not this year. Change and transformation were on our minds last month and we explored those themes on the Aha! blog.

Continuous improvement is required to delight customers again and again.

But that improvement must be directed and methodical. Meaning you need to take a close look at where you are falling short and then come up with a plan to address those areas.

Last month, we started our exploration of enterprise transformation. This was more than just implementing new technology. Real enterprise transformation takes examining your digital, solution, and data capabilities and then coming up with the right mix of strategies to deliver a Complete Product Experience (CPE) to your customers.

We kicked off our exploration of enterprise transformation with three in-depth posts:

Technology may be at the heart of organizational change, but it is the means, not the end. Instead, companies must rethink how they innovate to better serve customers. Read more…

Different companies will be at different maturity levels when it comes to digital, solutions, and data. The right mix of these strategies is what enables your company to better serve customers. This is true enterprise transformation. Read more…

You have taken the first important step of recognizing that you need a new strategy to deliver a CPE. Now you must examine six key areas to uncover why change is needed and how to achieve it. Read more…

But our exploration did not stop at enterprise transformation.

Last month, we also looked at ways you can become a better boss and a better teammate — to the benefit of both you and your organization.

Here are five posts that were popular with product managers this month:

In February, we launched The Founder’s Paradox, a new blog post series in which Aha! co-founder and CEO Brian de Haaff sheds light on big, perplexing questions — the ones with no easy answers. Read more…

Sometimes change means starting over from scratch. If you have an “open door” policy, do not bother revising it. Throw it out and take a new approach to openness and accessibility — one based on transparency and constant communication. Read more…

One of the toughest personal transformations anybody can make is breaking a habit that you do not even realize is bad. But for product managers inclined to be helpful and preemptively fix people’s problems, we have some practical advice. Read more…

The same thing goes for being nice in general. The question is: Are you really helping somebody by just being nice to them? More often than not, you can help them out a lot more by delivering frank feedback with kindness and empathy. Read more…

Joining a remote team can be a big switch for some people. One of the toughest things to figure out is the best way to communicate with your dispersed colleagues. Read more…

Change takes a lot of effort and commitment from everybody involved. But it is well worth it — as long as you go about it the right way.

And since your work of transforming is never done, we will keep talking about it in posts to come throughout March.

What transformational topics would you like to read about next?

Keith Brown

Keith was a VP of Marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 roadmap software.

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