6 Blog Posts for Forward-Thinking Product Managers — October 2017
November 3, 2017

6 Blog Posts for Forward-Thinking Product Managers — October 2017

by Keith Brown

“I cannot believe it is almost 2018.” You will be hearing this from your family and friends pretty soon. But if you are a product manager you can believe it. This is because you have been in 2018 planning (hopefully) for weeks now — already making plans for next year.

We at Aha! can relate. We live in the present but have one eye towards the future. But this does not mean we are gazing into a crystal ball, guessing at what comes next.

Instead, we are working hard, thinking deeply about what comes next — whether that is helping customers craft their 2018 roadmaps or speaking with folks about the greater demand for remote work. And of course, we shared our thoughts on these topics and many others on the Aha! blog.

Here are six of our most-read blog posts from October:

This Is Not a Product Roadmap
It is easy to throw a bunch of planned deliverables together in a spreadsheet and call it a roadmap. But a real roadmap connects vision and goals to the work to lay down a clear and strategic plan for moving forward. Read more …

Your Company Will Not Let You Work Remotely — But Why?
Studies prove the benefits of remote work, yet some companies still choose to ignore the facts. We took a look at some of the common myths around remote work and debunked them. Read more …

It Is Time to Eliminate Sales Commissions
The old notion that commissions are the only way to motivate salespeople is just not true. Buying has changed. Selling must too. Here are a few reasons why Aha! CEO Brian de Haaff believes it is time to eliminate sales commissions. Read more …

5 Reasons Product Managers Are Still Building Disappointing Products
If companies are still building disappointing products (and they are), product managers have to take a lion’s share of the blame. But by avoiding certain bad behaviors, those same product managers can create something that customers will truly love. Read more …

Hey Boss: Stop Telling Me to Bring You Solutions
Do not be one of those bosses who makes the team feel abandoned and alone. It does not take much to be supportive and empowering. It benefits everybody — including you. Read more …

Your LinkedIn Profile vs. Your Resume
Maybe 2018 will be the year you help a new company shape its future. Our most-viewed post this month delivers some helpful tips for your LinkedIn profile and resume — so you can land that next great opportunity. Read more …

Surprises in life are great. But in business, it is good to be ready for whatever the future throws at you. Happy reading and happy roadmapping from all of us at Aha!

How are you planning for 2018?

Keith Brown

Keith was a VP of Marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 roadmap software.

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