3 Marketing Skills That Will Make You Rich
February 5, 2015

3 Marketing Skills That Will Make You Rich

by Keith Brown

An attorney or marketeer? What would I grow up to be?

I went to the University of Texas to be a great trial attorney — “My mom will be proud,” I thought. But I fell in love with marketing. It just happened. That made us both nervous. I was not sure a marketing job could help me achieve my personal and financial goals. Have you ever had that feeling about your own career?

You can measure your wealth in many ways, but having a set of skills that will stay in demand for years to come is essential to staying happy, fulfilled, and financially secure.

The rapid growth of online marketing has turned the advertising world on its head. I consider this change often as the leader of a rapidly growing marketing team at Aha! (which is product roadmap software). I want my team to leave work each day feeling fulfilled. I also want them to know they’re performing work that will positively impact their success well into the future.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not just talking about financial impact. Equally important is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll enjoy an enduring career. Today’s marketing jobs are uniquely rewarding, with ever-evolving trends, ideas, and technologies.

I was lucky, because when I was getting started, everything about marketing was changing. And my analytical, data-centric soul was rewarded early on, both internally and financially. Mom and I both knew that I would prosper.

Several skills have become extremely sought after. Have you thought about what it takes to thrive as a marketing professional over the next 20 years?

Consider these three skills if you want to put yourself on track to a better future.

Data analysis
If this is you, then data-driven decisions are in your DNA. You love to look at a wide range of data and analyze it to yield new insights for your business. The best data scientists parlay these insights into new products and services that fill market gaps. The starting salary for someone with big data experience is above six-figures. If you are successful in this role, you may soon find yourself leading the entire marketing team at a VP level (as I did a few years ago).

Content generation
Content specialists are born influencers. They have a knack for stories, will dig into data, and know how to address target audiences. The most talented content marketers use the power of language to gain more blog traffic, higher click-through rates, and increased sign-ups. The most effective marketers spend 37% of their budget on content — and 55% say that number will increase this year. If you are able to influence millions with your content, there is no limit to your long-term earning potential.

Campaign management
When you surf the web, check your Facebook, or download a mobile app, you’ll probably encounter the influence of a marketing campaign. Campaign analysts are the brains behind these ads and campaigns — they’re responsible for making customers aware of their products. Worldwide, advertising spend increased more than 45% last year on social media. The best campaign analysts know how to acquire customers at scale for the lowest possible cost — an invaluable skill for any company.

What’s even better than getting a rewarding job you love? Getting a job you love that also allows you to choose where you work and what you do. If demand for your career is growing, the sky is the limit on your earning potential.

Whether you majored in English or Math, today’s marketing landscape has roles where people of all interests can thrive. The key is to specialize in skills that are in-demand. Once you find a great role, give it your maximum effort — and watch your career jump on a rocket.

Which marketing jobs do you think are the most sought after today?

Keith Brown

Keith was a VP of Marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 roadmap software.

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