Aha! Develop + Salesforce Service Cloud

Handle user problems fast

Ensure customer issues get handled quickly. Use the Salesforce Service Cloud extension to bring escalated tickets directly into your backlog, sprint, or workflow board in Aha! Develop. This allows you to manage support issues alongside the rest of your work and keep customers happy.

Salesforce Service Cloud extension screenshot

Bring support escalations into Aha! Develop

Install the Salesforce Service Cloud extension from your import sidebar in Aha! Develop. Then supply the subdomain for your Salesforce account. Your support team can tag the cases in Salesforce that they want you to work on. The extension will pull those cases into the Aha! Develop import sidebar — so you can easily bring them into your workflow.

Manage issues quickly

Keep the Salesforce importer open in the left sidebar of Aha! Develop while you manage your work. When a new case appears, you can drag it directly onto the workflow board as a new user story. The case title, description, and a link back to the case are automatically included. Keep CS in the loop as you make progress on the issue. Click the link in your user story to open the original case in Salesforce and add updates as you have them.