Working with Aha!

We are proud to serve 1,000,000+ product builders. We do everything possible to streamline how we operate — including how we help customers adopt our software. This ensures we can provide every customer with incredibly responsive support from a team of product experts. These FAQs provide guidance on how we work with large enterprises to simplify the process of rolling out Aha!

Can we try Aha! before we buy?

Yes, there is a free 30-day trial — no credit card is required. Each trial account is fully featured and you can upgrade to a paid account at any time.

Will our data be transferred after we upgrade to a paid plan?

Yes, all the data your team enters and all the custom configurations you make to your trial account remain when you move to a paid plan. If you do not choose to move to a paid plan, you can export your data any time before the 30th day of your trial.

What security certifications does Aha! have?

Aha! is ISO27001 certified. Security is very important to us and our software and security infrastructure is architected to be one of the most secure and high-performance enterprise SaaS environments available today. You can read more about it in our security overview.

Can we do a security review?

We have an extensive set of online security resources. There is a Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire, which answers the majority (if not all) of questions that most IT and information security teams have. However, for customers who have more stringent requirements, we suggest the Enterprise+ plan. Enterprise+ is designed for customers who have advanced security, legal, or support requirements. We can offer a reasonable security review for Enterprise+ customers who have a meaningful number of paid seats.

Is all Aha! customer data stored in the United States?

Your preferred data center location is selected when the account is first created. We offer two options: Virginia, U.S. and Ireland, EU. Regardless of which preferred data center location is selected by the customer — some account administration, analytics and support data will always be stored in the U.S. If the account was created on or before March 2022, the U.S. was selected by default.

Is Aha! compliant with GDPR?

Yes. Aha! is committed to the appropriate treatment of personal information to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Aha! provides a data processing agreement with updated EU Standard Contractual Clauses and details on data protection. As a demonstration of our commitment to security, Aha! is ISO 27001 certified and undergoes annual external information security audits, which include a review of our GDPR compliance.

Is Aha! compliant with CCPA?

Yes. Under the CCPA, Aha! is classified as a “service provider.” We only use customer’s personal information for the specific reason that customers entrust it to us and we do not use it for any other purpose. Most importantly, we do not sell it. The CCPA limitations are in Section 3.3 of our Terms of Service.

Will Aha! sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

Yes. We provide a DPA that was written to meet all GDPR requirements and reflect the specific protections that Aha! has in place. Our DPA has been signed by many of the world’s best-known and largest organizations, which attests to its comprehensiveness and compliance. You can access and sign it here.

Will Aha! sign an NDA?

Confidentiality is critical to us. We are bound to confidentiality from the moment that a customer sets up an Aha! trial. That is because our Terms of Service includes a mutual confidentiality clause (Section 3.1) that covers the confidential information that you share with us and the data you enter in Aha!

Can we make changes to your Terms of Service?

We understand that large companies often have preferred methods of procurement, but we unfortunately cannot support each company’s unique legal process. As noted above, Enterprise+ is designed for customers who have advanced security, legal, or support requirements. We only consider changes to our Terms of Service for Enterprise+ plan customers who have committed to at least 50 paid seats and legal approval is the last step to rolling out the service. Your team might find it unusual, but we never work off of a customer’s paper. This ensures that we can work efficiently and support everyone well. Any small changes that we agree to will be documented in a short amendment that we draft.