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BrightSpring Health Services Aha! Moment

Aha! provides a single place to manage our digital transformation. The ability to tie the high-level vision with the actual work — and track progress in real time — is critical to the efficiency of our business operations.

Wes Kronkite, Vice President, Innovation

About BrightSpring Health Services

BrightSpring Health Services is one of the largest providers of diversified home and community-based health services to complex, high-cost populations. The company provides nonclinical habilitative services and clinical rehabilitative services for people of all ages and skill levels. We focus on providing quality and lower-cost outcomes to challenging and high-cost populations, through best-in-class services and technology innovation.

We had a problem

We are investing in an enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy to drive innovation. Initiatives include applying new technology to automate business processes and leverage enterprise analytics.

Previously, we captured transformation ideas and initiatives in a spreadsheet. This created a long and unwieldy list to manage. It was difficult to assess options and prioritize the ones with the highest business value. It was also hard to track the progress of each initiative as well as the overall transformation effort.

Executives were frustrated with the lack of visibility. They were also concerned that initiatives were not moving forward quickly enough. We needed an efficient way to roadmap our transformation strategy, manage initiatives, and communicate status.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! gives us one place to manage our enterprise transformation strategy. This allows us to capture our thought process and roadmap our direction. We also set metric-based goals to measure our progress.

We use Aha! to define and score all of our transformation initiatives in a consistent way. Each opportunity is assessed based on revenue generation, cost reduction, effort, and customer/employee delight. This makes it easy for the steering committee to evaluate the overall business value and decide where we should focus.

We use the two-way integration between Aha! and Asana to assign work across multiple teams. This makes it easy to include transformation-related tasks in their daily workflow. It also allows us to track progress in Aha! in an aggregated way.

Life is good

Aha! helps us implement our transformation effectively and efficiently. Our entire organization is now aligned with the overall strategy. This streamlines the implementation of new initiatives. We can also measure progress in Aha! and see the achievements of our various teams.

Executives are thrilled with the visibility that Aha! provides. They no longer wait for the monthly status meeting — they now check in Aha! for the latest updates in real time.

We are also able to engage our employees more effectively. We use Aha! notebooks to share information about our transformation strategy and communicate roadmaps and reports. And the Aha! ideas portal is a great way to capture suggestions and feedback. This gives everyone a voice and drives innovation — so we can advance our organization together.

Aha! is the perfect application to manage our digital transformation. It provides the visibility, collaboration, and tracking capabilities that are necessary to change how a large enterprise executes strategic initiatives.

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