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The complete product management suite — which includes Ideas Essentials.
Pay annually and save 20%


Do you qualify?

The Startup pack is for early stage companies:

  • Less than 18 months old

  • Fewer than 10 employees

  • Less $1.5M in funding



user / month

Includes all the features you need to:

  • Set strategy

  • Build roadmaps

  • Create plans

  • Prioritize work

  • Gather feedback

  • Report on progress

  • Share presentations

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workspace owner or contributor / month

Includes the features of the Premium plan and:

  • Pay only for workspace owners and contributors

  • Unlimited reviewers

  • Unlimited viewers



workspace owner or contributor / month

Includes the features of the Enterprise plan and:

  • Automation

  • Scenario analysis

  • Capacity planning for teams

  • Custom tables and calculations

  • Advanced license management

  • Account backup and export

  • Anti-virus scanning

  • IP address access control

  • Concierge service

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