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Startups wanted

Roadmap your way to success

We have been there. You are tight on cash but have ambition to change the world. You need a better way to set product strategy, collaborate with the product and engineering teams, and create visual roadmaps. And we offer it to you at a big discount.

To qualify for the Aha! Roadmaps Startup Pack, you must be signing up for a new account and meet the following guidelines:

  • Technology or internet company

  • Less than 18 months old

  • Fewer than 10 employees

  • Less than $1.5M in funding

If you qualify, we will provide you with the Aha! Roadmaps Startup Pack which includes:

  • A heavily discounted plan for 5 users

  • Discounted pricing for 12 months

  • 40 minute best-practices session

Getting started