Aha! Notebooks pricing

The product knowledge hub
Starts at single user / month
Everything you need to spark
creativity and collaborate:
  • Set up a personal workspace
  • Create unlimited documents
  • Draft with an AI assistant
  • Design virtual whiteboards
  • Add diagrams and models
  • Wireframe user experiences
  • Use nearly 100 templates
  • Track personal to-dos
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Share documents with guests (at no cost)
All other products in the Aha! suite include everything in Aha! Notebooks Advanced at no additional cost
Starts at per user / month
Everything in the Essentials plan plus:
    Add as many workspaces as you need for different groups.
  • Unlimited team workspaces
  • Use an AI-powered writing assistant for drafting and refining documents
  • Unlimited AI drafting
  • Create your own note and whiteboard templates and share them across teams.
  • Create note and whiteboard templates
  • Contact us if you are part of a larger team and need help creating beautiful custom templates.
  • Custom template design support
  • Log into Aha! Notebooks using your existing SAML-enabled identity provider.
  • Single sign-on Coming soon
  • Use Aha! Notebooks seamlessly with Aha! Roadmaps to go from raw concept to structured plans.
  • Integration with Aha! Roadmaps
Bring bold concepts to life

Use Aha! Notebooks to craft documents, design whiteboards, and collaborate with the team — available as a standalone solution or as part of Aha! Roadmaps

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