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Frontline Education Aha! Moment

Aha! just works! You never realize how much time you spend fighting with your tools until one day you don’t have to anymore. We have been calling it our ‘Aha! moment.’

Robert Shaw, Enterprise Agilist

About Frontline Education

Frontline Education is actively bringing best-in-class systems and insights together into one unified platform. The Frontline Insights Platform is bringing critical technologies together to provide on-demand, actionable insights to the front line of education. It’s a powerful combination of the Frontline Education solutions, connected to Frontline Central, and built on a foundation that provides a secure, efficient, and consistent user experience.

We had a problem

The education industry is rapidly growing and evolving. As we look for new opportunities and ways to stay ahead of the curve, we are continuously evolving our processes. But change can be a challenge for technology tools. Rather than helping us move faster, our tools were impeding our progress.

We also needed a simple and consistent way to express our roadmaps to all of our constituents. We wanted to “pull back the curtain” and allow people to access the right information when it best suited them.

Aha! as a solution

During our initial evaluation, we threw the kitchen sink at Aha! and were amazed at how flexible the system is. We love having the ability to create custom fields, personalize the terminology, and customize areas of the navigation. The reporting tools are limitless and easy to use. And we’re making the most out of the integrations with Jira and Slack.

The roadmaps in Aha! are quick to curate and easy for people to understand. They provide just the “at-a-glance” view we’d been trying to achieve for years with individual PowerPoint slide presentations.

Life is good

Aha! has definitely made it easier to communicate at all levels in the organization. Our content is now in consistent formats that are easy to understand and share, which has improved communication among teams.

Now, prioritization and collaboration go hand-in-hand. Our communication and planning are united in one platform. Users have a shared, consistent view of the work, which leads to better discussions and better decisions about where next to invest our time and talent.

Having a tool like Aha! that everyone loves and understands has made planning less confusing and more visual.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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