Training that is optimized for you

Are you ready to learn together as a team? When you get certified by Aha! Academy, you train with instructors who have decades of product leadership experience. Our experts have designed and delivered training programs for more than 200 of the most innovative and well-known companies.

The best part of private classes is that they are co-designed by you. They can be focused in one topic area or combine a few. For example, we are often asked to include best product management practices and to showcase how to most effectively use Aha! in a consistent way. The classes are highly interactive and based on a training methodology that we have refined over almost a decade.

"This course will up your game and optimize the way you use Aha! to support your PM core needs and processes."

Yan D-Beaurivage

Senior product manager, OneSpan

We offer three types of private classes — Aha! Roadmaps certification, product management certification, or a unique curriculum we design with you. There is an exam at the end of every training and all participants who pass the exam receive a certificate. The following is a high-level overview of the different training options.

Aha! Roadmaps

Get the knowledge you need to achieve your best with Aha! Roadmaps software. Help your team become extremely effective from implementation to ongoing use — so your team can work as efficiently as possible.

Product management

Gain a mastery of core product management principles. Whether your team is shifting from a project to product mindset or simply in need of a refresher, this class will give you the tools you need to build product like you always wanted.

Design your own

Every company is unique. Choose from a variety of modules for the trainings described above to best achieve your training goals. From agile product management principles to strategic roadmapping to how you can demonstrate your team's business impact – we will help you create the perfect program.