Merge accounts

If you have discovered that two teams at your company are using separate Aha! accounts, you may decide to merge those accounts. We recommend one Aha! account per company so you can fully benefit from the strategic alignment and cross-functional collaboration.

Aha! products are meant to work together in one account — so if you have an engineering team using Aha! Develop and a product management team using Aha! Roadmaps, we recommend moving both teams to the same Aha! account.

There are two ways to merge your two Aha! accounts. You can merge two accounts manually — using imports and exports to transfer your data. Or you can use the Aha! account merge service.

Either way, you will merge one Aha! Roadmaps account into another. For the purposes of this article, the primary account will be used going forward. The secondary account will be eventually retired.

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Import data

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Use the Aha! merge service

A large company may discover that two of their teams have been independently using Aha! Roadmaps and decide to merge the accounts. We recommend one Aha! account per company — so you can fully utilize the power of portfolio collaboration and visual roadmap views.

Workspace owners can merge accounts manually by following these instructions, but for large accounts this process can sometimes be complex. This is why we provide an account merge as a service to our customers.

All requests for account merge services should be routed to

Once the request has been received from your team, expect the following:

  • Our Product Success team will work with you to understand your needs in more detail.

  • We will obtain confirmation from an account billing admin that the team would like to proceed with the account merge.

  • We will send you a quote for the service.

  • Once the invoice has been paid, our engineering team will schedule the merge for a specific date and time.

  • Once the merge is complete, we will close down the old account and apply a credit to the target account if applicable.

  • We will confirm that the merge is completed and send the resulting invoice for the new seats with the credit applied if applicable.

The merge process will typically take no longer than 24 hours to complete once it has been approved and scheduled. When it is complete, your team can log back into the target account and get back to work.


Merge accounts manually

Prepare your primary account

If you want to merge your accounts manually, first prepare your primary account so you have a place to import the secondary account's data.

  1. Create the correct hierarchy, including any teams, workspaces, workspace lines.

  2. Create any customizations the secondary account relies on, including custom workflows, custom fields, and custom layouts.


  • Name each custom field exactly the same in both accounts to avoid confusion. Any fields you don't wish to import, you do not need to recreate.

  • If you are an Aha! Roadmaps user and would like to preserve your links to strategic records, then you must import them to the new workspace before moving the other record types.

  • If you are an Aha! Roadmaps user and you have capacity planning turned on, you must enable capacity planning in the primary account before you import any of the capacity data.


Export your data — then import it

Now it is time to export data from the secondary account and import it into its new home in the primary account. Do this with the CSV importer. You will need to create a separate import file for each record type you need to import.

  1. Create list reports of your data, including all the fields you want to have available in the primary account. Note: This is a good time to check your primary account to ensure that you have recreated any custom fields you want to import to.

  2. Export your list reports as CSV files.

  3. Follow the CSV import instructions to align your CSV files with the CSV import template.

  4. Begin importing your data into your primary account. Note: You may wish to import a small file — perhaps with a single record in it — to test your configuration.


Recreate remaining data

You are now ready to recreate the remaining data in the primary Aha! Roadmaps account that you cannot import. The following data will need to be manually recreated:


Delete your secondary account

Once you have finished moving data out of your secondary account, you are ready to close it. Feel free to delete any data you no longer want access to, and if you are a paying customer, contact us to cancel your account.