Aha! Roadmaps | Overview

Are you ready to build strategic roadmaps? This video is a great place to start. It gives you an overview of how you can use Aha! Roadmaps to set strategy, crowdsource feedback, prioritize features, and more.

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Do meaningful work faster — at every phase of the product development lifecycle:

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Build my product strategy

Dive deep into the Strategy section and define the "why" behind your product plans.

Generate new ideas

Use collaborative whiteboards and ideas portals to jump-start innovation and generate ideas.

Prioritize the most valuable work

Add an objective score to each item, then rank work on prioritization pages.

Build visual roadmaps

Visualize your strategy — and watch the roadmap update automatically as your team gets to work.

Communicate my plans

Share your roadmap with stakeholders and present it to colleagues to gain alignment on what matters most.

Report on progress

Create a custom list report, pivot table, or chart — or start by using one of 75+ example reports.

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Roadmaps and reports



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What we shared in the video is just the beginning of what the Aha! suite is capable of. Do even more with one of our add-on plans:

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Streamline processes

Create automation rules to support your organization's workflows — so you can spend more time moving your big plans forward.

Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise+

Dive deeper into idea trends

Use AI-powered idea exploration to visualize themes across your entire portal (or a subset of ideas categories) — and discover connections you might not have seen for yourself.

Aha! Ideas Advanced

Create wireframes

Use configurable wireframe components on whiteboards to bring product concepts to life and engage key design and development stakeholders.

Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

Publish a knowledge base

Publish documentation to a live website — so customers can self-serve information and become autonomous users of the products you build.

Aha! Knowledge Advanced

Coordinate delivery across teams

Configure your Aha! account to support Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), create program increments, and implement agile and lean practices at scale.

Aha! Develop Advanced

Meet your new team

Get the most out of your Aha! Roadmaps trial with the Aha! Customer Success team. We do not have salespeople here — just product experts who love to discuss best practices and respond very quickly.

Reach out to:

  • Ask how to apply your development methodology — such as SAFe, OKRs, JTBD, and more — to your Aha! account.

  • Connect your Aha! account with your development tool for seamless real-time collaboration.

  • Explore advanced functionality and add it to your trial.