Aha! Ideas | Run a successful Aha! Ideas trial

Welcome to Aha! Ideas — the comprehensive idea management solution. Aha! Ideas gives you all the tools you need to effectively crowdsource feedback, engage your community, and prioritize what drives revenue — so that you can build products that your customers truly love.

This article will help you explore all that Aha! Ideas has to offer, and evaluate whether it is a good fit for your team. Invite your whole team to join you — and explore Aha! Ideas together.

Watch this video for an overview of Aha! Ideas — or follow the quick start guide in your trial. If you have questions, contact our Product Success team to attend a live demo or learn more about best practices. We do not have salespeople here at Aha! — just product experts who respond very fast.

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Before you get started

Make the most of your trial experience — start with an understanding of who you want to reach and how you want to use Aha! Ideas to respond to and manage feedback. Consider the following before getting started:

  • Who do you want to hear from? If you want anyone to be able to access your portal and see and vote on others' ideas, create a public portal. If you want your portal to be accessible to only specific users that you determine, such as select customers, partners or employees, create a private portal. Or create one of each to explore the benefits of both.

  • How do you want to interact with portal users? Consider what you want to say to customers who have engaged with an idea. Then be sure to customize email templates during your trial, so you can follow up with portal users in a way that matches your brand and voice.

  • Who needs access to product feedback? Add anyone who will need access to product feedback as a user during your trial. Aha! Ideas users will be able to take advantage of collaborative tools like notes and whiteboards, comment and respond to ideas, and even score and prioritize ideas.


Create your first ideas portal

Gather feedback from your customers to understand what they want and need. Create your ideas portal in just a few steps — so you can start capturing product ideas right away.

  1. Create an ideas portal. Navigate to Ideas Overview and click + Add ideas portal. Add a Title, select a Color, and choose the Access type (private or public), and you are all set!

    Select a portal type in Aha! ideas - public or private
  2. Customize your ideas portal. Create a consistent experience between your product and your ideas portal — use the Brand tab to add your logo and branding. Then from the Email tab, choose how you engage with your customers who submit and vote on ideas.

    Add brand colors and your logo to your ideas portal settings
  3. Add idea categories to your portal. You know your product well, and you have already identified themes in the feedback you have been getting. Set up categories reflecting these themes for idea management and analysis later. These categories will also appear in your ideas portal when portal users submit ideas.

    add ideas categories in Aha! ideas to organize feedback


Add ideas

You may already have a spreadsheet full of customer feedback. And you definitely have a few great ideas of your own. Add them to your account — so you can organize, evaluate, and prioritize existing product feedback.

  1. Add your first idea. Submit your idea directly in your portal. Or, click +Add idea from your ideas overview page. Select a category to make sure the right audience sees your idea.

    add an idea in your ideas portal
  2. Import data into your account and portals. If you have a spreadsheet filled with existing requests from customers, get them inside your account — so you can organize and prioritize existing feedback. You can even import your backlog from development tools like Jira — so you can further define and reprioritize work.


Invite your teammates to collaborate

Now that you have branded your ideas portal and populated it with data, you are ready to bring folks in to join you. Invite teammates to collaborate in your Aha! Ideas account.

  1. Invite teammates to collaborate in your Aha! Ideas trial. Add users from Settings ⚙️ -> Account -> Billing -> Users. Click Add user, enter a teammate's email address and name, and select their user permissions. Click Add user to send them an invitation.

    Create an ideas portal user
  2. Invite teammates to check out your ideas portal.

    • If you have set up a public ideas portal, share your portal's URL with your teammates.

    • If you have set up private ideas portal, you can add portal users from your portal settings.

    • Import portal users in bulk.


Analyze ideas

Having a lot of feedback is a good thing — and you want to stay on top of reviewing ideas so you can be responsive to your customers. Build reports to review incoming feedback and gain meaningful insights into your customers' ideas.

Review ideas in a list report. Explore the different ways you can filter and view lists of ideas to narrow in on the exact data you want to see. Navigate to Reports Overview -> Example reports. In the Ideas folder, select Ideas by category to see a list report of the most recent ideas that you have captured. Add filters for categories to narrow in on ideas following a specific theme.

List report of ideas, votes, and statuses.


Prioritize feedback

Make informed, data-driven prioritization decisions. Use prioritization tools to identify the most valuable ideas to implement for your customers.

Create a prioritization view. You have plenty of ideas to sift through — and you are ready to identify the most valuable ones. Navigate to Ideas Prioritization and Create a new report. Use filters to find the ideas you want to prioritize, score ideas to determine the impact on your overall goals, and drag and drop ideas into priority order. Then save your view and share it with your team to drive alignment.

Prioritization page in Aha! Ideas

When you use Aha! Ideas together with Aha! Roadmaps you can give ideas an initial value estimate and refine that score for the ideas you promote to features.


Explore more feedback tools

Your ideas portal is a great place to capture feedback from your customers — but there are other ways to reach them. Would you like to gather feedback on a new product feature directly from your application? Do your customer-facing teams need an easier way to pass feedback to your product team? Expand the way you gather and analyze feedback with advanced functionality. Explore the following features to see if the Advanced plan might be right for you.

Enhance your portal

  • Dynamic idea submission forms: Present your portal users with the most relevant questions as they move through the idea submission process — so they can fully detail their request, and you can capture key information and efficiently evaluate every idea.

  • Custom portal pages: You have ambitious plans that you cannot wait to share. Get your customers as excited as you are by sharing what is coming next. Add a note to a custom page on your ideas portal to show your customers what you plan to build.

Collect more ideas

  • Integrate with Salesforce and Zendesk: Import essential data stored in Salesforce and Zendesk into Aha! Ideas so you can see feedback alongside customer context — like industry, revenue, region, or employee count.

  • Proxy votes: Your customer-facing teams are well-positioned to advocate for what your customers want and need the most. Enable proxy voting — so that your sales and support teams can vote on their behalf.

  • In-app idea submission widget: Give your customers the ability to submit feedback in the moment while they are using your product. Add the in-app idea submission widget to any page on your web-based application to help you reach users right where they are, even if they do not use your ideas portal.

View feedback by organization

  • Analyze customer data: Use organization records in Aha! Ideas to group ideas, votes, and proxy votes from individuals by company — so you can better contextualize customer feedback. Then create segments to analyze feedback across similar groups of customers.

Increase customer research

  • Feedback polls: Do you have a specific question you would like to ask your customers? Launch feedback polls in an Aha! ideas portal, directly within your application, or send out a link via email — so you can capture quantitative feedback and reach your customers where they are.

  • Empathy sessions: Engage in a live or ongoing conversation with your customers. Prepare a discussion guide for a specific topic and invite customers who voted or commented on a related idea.

  • In-app community feedback: Gather your users' thoughts at a critical time — while they are using your product. Enable a community feedback widget in your application so customers can provide feedback and join ongoing conversations.


Make a decision

Now you have set up an ideas portal, gathered and analyzed feedback, and prioritized the best ideas. We hope you had a good time! If you loved your trial experience, we cannot wait for you to start your new Aha! Ideas account. If this is not the right fit for you — we understand. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Product Success team. They are eager to help and respond super fast.