Aha! Whiteboards | Getting started

Spark innovation with your own visual space. Aha! Whiteboards is purpose-built for product teams with the innovative functionality enterprise-level teams need to build beautiful whiteboards, ideate with stakeholders, and make confident prioritization decisions. Create as many workspaces as you need for different teams, and rely on robust user permissions to give people the right access. Then, choose from nearly 100 expert-crafted whiteboard templates — or create your own — to spur collaboration and creativity.

If you are just getting started, welcome! Use this article for a quick tour of the product, and please contact Customer Success if you have any questions. We do not have any salespeople here, just product experts who respond super fast.

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Start with templates

Your whiteboard is a blank canvas for all of your designs and ideas. Our expert templates have the most common use cases for whiteboards covered. Use them to jump-start your creativity, save time, and look great in the process.

Each template includes relevant best practices and a pre-filled example, and you can always modify them to fit your own needs. With the Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan, you can also create your own custom templates and share them across teams.

Whiteboard template library modal

Find the perfect template for any stage of the product development lifecycle:

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Try these templates

Brainstorm new ideas

Create a brainstorming session and invite stakeholders. Color-coordinated sticky note packs are at the ready to capture every idea.

Use strategic models

Start with a SWOT analysis and gather your team to participate.

Add more strategic models to your whiteboard to expand your analysis.

Collaborate on roadmaps

Choose from seven different roadmap templates. Define your plans, then invite stakeholders and guests to incorporate their perspectives.

Run Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) ceremonies

Stay SAFe® with four whiteboard templates:

Collaborate in real time or asynchronously and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Diagram processes

Visualize workflows, processes, or data flows — so everyone can align around the same diagram.


Build sophisticated whiteboards

Your whiteboard is an infinite canvas to capture your thoughts. Gather information from anywhere — your website, a spreadsheet, or meeting notes. Format it exactly the way you want using a comprehensive set of whiteboard tools, including text boxes, shapes, sticky notes, connectors, and tables. Then, move into Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan functionality with wireframes and custom templates.

2x2 prioritization matrix whiteboard template

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Move ideas from a spreadsheet onto a whiteboard so I can prioritize them

Paste any text into your whiteboard, and it will appear as multiple sticky notes. Drag them to sort — and add comments and emoji reactions to provide more context.

Use the 2x2 prioritization matrix to make prioritization simpler!

Apply my brand colors

Select everything on the whiteboard, then use the Filter button to adjust only particular shapes or objects with the same color.

Create user interface wireframes

Make mockups in minutes (available on the Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan) with a selection of wireframing templates and components.


Invite unlimited guests

Innovative perspectives come from anywhere. So welcome everyone to review and refine your thoughts — invite unlimited guests at no additional cost. Tailor permissions to the level of interaction you need and collaborate asynchronously or in real time.

Working backwards whiteboard template with realtime collaboration.

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Share a whiteboard internally

Send team members with reviewer permissions a link to your whiteboard. Choose whether you want them to be able to Edit or just View it.

Invite external guests

Invite guests via email or through a shared link. Invite as many as you need, and configure their reviewer permissions in bulk or individually.

Share a secure webpage

Drive business alignment by sharing your whiteboard as a view-only webpage with anyone who needs to be kept up to date.


Gain stakeholder alignment

Stakeholder alignment drives your team's success — from sharing market insights to defining critical cross-functional capabilities. Gather everyone around the same visual space, then work together to capture feedback and move forward. Stakeholders can adjust plans with you through real-time collaborative editing. They can also leave feedback through inline comments and sticky notes.

Brainstorming session template with multiple users.

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Define the stakeholder landscape

Use the stakeholder map and stakeholder analysis templates to define who needs to be involved (and at what stage).

Edit with everyone

Whiteboards support collaborative editing — so people with edit access can work together in real time.

Annotate and react

Use sticky notes to add your own ideas, and react to them with emojis. Annotation shapes put edits in context.

Comment and vote

Inline comments create the chance for threaded conversations about specific aspects of your whiteboard. Balance quantitative with qualitative feedback with votes (available on the Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan).

Present my plans

Enable presentation mode and turn your frames into presentation slides.


Work with Aha! Roadmaps

Aha! Whiteboards helps jump-start your planning process. When you are ready to implement your plans, add Aha! Roadmaps to your account and convert whiteboard objects to actual records on your roadmap. All Aha! Roadmaps accounts include essential whiteboarding functionality. While you brainstorm, iterate, and commit, you can flow seamlessly between whiteboards and your roadmap — and back again.

Aha! Roadmaps Now Next Later roadmap imported into a whiteboard.

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Move from concept to committed work

Convert whiteboard objects to Aha! records like initiatives and features — no manual entry required.

Import list and pivot reports

Whiteboard work items using actual data from your Aha! Roadmaps account. Export records from list and pivot reports into a whiteboard, then click on them to open the records' drawer views to edit data directly from your whiteboard.

Update roadmap data from a whiteboard

Aha! Roadmaps records you import into a whiteboard are the real thing. Make edits (either one at a time or in bulk) and those changes will be reflected in your product roadmap.

Align on development priorities

Add features on a whiteboard as records, then place them on a 2x2 prioritization matrix template. Stakeholders can vote or comment, and you can move forward confidently.

Highlight dependencies between work items

Show dependency lines between Aha! Roadmaps records, then update the style to better highlight critical relationships among records.