June 26, 2020 release notes

Terminology update

On July 6, 2020, we will be updating some of the default terminology for all Aha! customers.

Current term

Updated term

Master feature / Master activity


Master release / Master schedule

Roll-up release / Roll-up schedule

Master-detail relationship custom table field

One-to-many relationship custom table field

Master slides

Theme layouts

On July 6, 2020, all customers will see the updated terminology in their Aha! accounts, with the exception of master features / master activity, which are customizable terms.

The master feature / master activity terminology update will only affect new Aha! workspaces. Existing workspaces will not have their terminology updated, though you can choose to customize it yourself at any time.

  • If you have customized your master feature / master activity terminology, you will continue to see your customized terminology after this update.

  • If you have not customized your master feature / master activity terminology, you will continue to see "master feature" or "master activity" in your existing workspaces after this update.

  • If you would like to customize your terminology, navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace Terminology. You will need to be a workspace owner to do this.


  • You can now unsubscribe all of your existing ideas portal users from notifications. From the Portal users tab of your ideas portal settings, click the More options button and select Unsubscribe all portal users. Note: Individual ideas portal users can always opt back in to idea notifications.

  • Ideas portal users are subscribed to idea notifications by default, but you can now change this default. From the Settings tab of your ideas portal settings, check the Unsubscribe box by the Idea notification default setting.

  • Administrators with billing permissions can bulk edit users in their account. From Settings ⚙️ Account Users, select a set of users to bulk enable / disable notifications for them, to bulk enable / disable the users themselves, or to bulk change the workspace(s) that they should have access to.