September 21, 2018 release notes



  • Several improvements have been made to the terminology capability so that customized record names present correctly wherever presented.

  • Importing users via CSV has been improved so that partially successful imports now include better warning messages for the records that failed.

  • The Requirement name field in reports is now selectable and presents the requirement's detail drawer when clicked.

  • It is now possible to map an initiative's Created by user field when configuring an integration.

  • Opening an Aha! note from a link will now automatically scroll the notes list to the selected note.

  • Saved reports now present the report's name in the browser's tab.


  • Reviewers were incorrectly presented with Create mockup and Attach files buttons for other users' comments even though this action was not possible. Reviewers will now only see these options for their own comments.

  • Integrations 2.0 for Jira experienced an issue changing a record's status when some mapped fields were set to read-only in Jira's transition screen.

  • When toggling the features board to display master features, the Add feature button was not properly transforming to the Add master feature button.

  • When a feature's board was added to an Aha! notebook, it was incorrectly updating whenever the live feature board's filters changed.

  • Activity webhooks configured to send all fields were not including events for comments, to-dos, and idea votes.

  • An error prevented some Windows 7 users from being able to attach files in Internet Explorer 11.

  • In some instances, custom styling would not correctly apply to an ideas portal with custom branding.

  • It was possible to edit Aha! scores and custom scorecard fields when viewing web notebooks.

  • Elements within the starter roadmap were misaligned when they were exported to an image or PDF.

  • An issue caused unexpected characters to appear in CSV exports of list reports.

  • An error prevented advanced filters from being removed in some instances.

  • An issue made it possible to remove required date fields on Aha! mobile.