October 13, 2017 release notes


  • Users can now copy an existing notebook so they can easily create a variation without having to build a notebook from scratch. To copy, click on the Actions dropdown in the upper right of the notebook detail fly-over and select Copy this notebook. The clone includes all notebook pages, collaborators, and to-dos.


  • Ideas can now be promoted to new or existing initiatives, master features, or features through the bulk editor. To promote several ideas at once, select the ideas you wish to promote from Ideas - List and select Bulk Edit from the upper left. From the bulk edit menu select the checkbox next to Promote ideas and select a value from the dropdown.

    • Create new will create a new records for each of the selected ideas.

    • Promote to existing links all selected ideas to a single record that already exists.

  • Merged idea records that are not visible in the portal now display "The merged idea is not visible in this portal". Previously these ideas were still listed but displayed an error of "The record you are looking for does not exist." when attempting to access the merged idea.

  • Custom fields are now supported on requirements for the "JIRA via Connect" integration.

  • Custom scorecard performance has been optimized.


  • The release information section of the Features roadmap was not displaying custom fields in in some cases.

  • Attachments on requirement and to-dos were not included in notification emails.

  • Sorting charts from saved list views was throwing an error in some cases.

  • Email notifications for to-do updates were not showing the changes that triggered the to-dos. Changes are now highlighted.

  • Users were not being added to the product team when multiple were selected at once. Only the first user selected was being added.

  • The TFS integration was not pulling the correct feature ID if multiple integrations were setup on the same feature, making it impossible to update TFS with feature changes.