This article discusses proxy votes or ideas portal custom domains. You need to be an Ideas Advanced customer to access these features. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or would like to try using it in your account. If your Aha! account was created before October 20, 2020, you may have access to these integrations, but you will need to upgrade to Ideas Advanced for any future enhancements.

Aha! Ideas | Advanced plan features

Aha! Ideas comes with two plan options. The Essentials plan includes everything you need to collect and prioritize feedback from your customers, employees, and partners — including custom-branded ideas portals, unlimited portal users, ideas scorecards, and basic reporting.

The Advanced plan is for users who want to expand how they collect feedback and develop empathy. With Advanced, you can upgrade your ideas portal branding with custom domains, multiple languages, and shared single sign-on (SSO) configurations. You can dive deeper into ideas trends with advanced reporting. And you can gather feedback through more channels than ever before, from your sales and support teams, from your own web application, through dynamic ideas submission forms, and in live chat empathy sessions.

All Aha! Ideas trials start on the Ideas Advanced plan. If you are an Ideas Essentials or Aha! Roadmaps user, contact us if you would like a live demo of Advanced functionality or would like to try using anything you see here in your account.


  • Aha! Roadmaps accounts created before October 20, 2020 include the Ideas Advanced functionality custom ideas portal domains and proxy votes but will need to upgrade to Ideas Advanced for any future enhancements.

  • Aha! Roadmaps accounts created before August 31, 2021 include the Ideas Advanced integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk but will need to upgrade to Ideas Advanced for any future enhancements.

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Automation rules

Create rules to streamline processes — so you can spend more time prioritizing feedback, engaging with your users, and uncovering innovative ideas. Use automation rules to assign ideas to the right team member to keep momentum going — saving you an manual triage step. You can even create to-dos, post admin responses to ideas in your portal, and much more.

Read more about automation rules and view more examples.


Custom ideas portal domains

Give your ideas portal a custom URL that aligns with your company's domain to ensure a consistent customer experience. In Ideas Essentials, your ideas portal URL is in the format For example, our ideas portal is With Advanced, you can completely customize the URL itself to match your company's URL.

Read more about creating a custom ideas portal domain.


Dynamic ideas submission forms

When you collect feedback from your customers, you want to make sure you capture key information. With dynamic ideas submission forms, you can present the most relevant questions to users as they move through the idea submission process. Add as many steps as you need to the Ideas portal — Ideas layout that customers use to submit feedback. Then create conditional rules, defining what you want to happen when they complete a field with a specific value. Show or skip specific steps, have users submit their idea, or display a custom message to them.

A dynamic ideas submission form

Read more about creating dynamic forms.


Custom pages

Create a roadmap or note with information you want to share with your portal community and add it to a custom page. Since ideas portals are a great place to gather feedback, adding a custom page with your plans and insights allows your organization to proactively share what is next — giving your customers or internal teams the opportunity to weigh in on what is coming. Add as many custom pages as you need and cater your roadmap or insights to the people visiting your portal.

You can even create a wiki in your workspace documents — then publish it to a custom page in your ideas portal. This enables your customers to view helpful content in the same place where they leave you product feedback.

Features roadmap added as a custom page to an ideas portal.



Research is paramount to understanding what your customers truly need. If you have a great idea you want to implement, ask your customers what they think with a poll. You can launch a multiple-choice poll to get a quick pulse on what your community needs right from your ideas portal.

Add a polls page to your private ideas portal to get insight from your coworkers, or poll your customers in your public ideas portal to find out which features customers are interested in the most. Email the poll directly to the subscribers of those ideas. Display your poll in-app on a targeted page in your application to get feedback from customers who do not engage with your ideas portal. Then gather polls and poll results on record's Research tab, to make informed decisions about your work.

Feedback polls created in Aha! Ideas.

Read more about polls.


Proxy votes

Sometimes your best ideas do not come from your customers directly. They come indirectly from your customer-facing teammates. Sales and support teams can vote for an idea on behalf of a customer through proxy votes and include details about the opportunity. You can report on proxy votes as well as votes received through Salesforce and Zendesk integrations. Your customer-facing teammates can follow the ideas your customers value the most - they will receive notifications for updates to any ideas they have updated with a proxy vote. Your portal users can also see all proxy votes for any organization, giving them context about what ideas are most important to a customer before meeting with them.

Add proxy votes to ideas with Aha! Ideas Advanced

Read more about using proxy votes, or about integrating with Salesforce or Zendesk.



Not all of your customers are alike. But you may have feedback trends from companies in specific industries, locations, and of a certain size — and analyzing ideas by segment can give you a deeper understanding of their similar needs. Define customer segments of your organizations to help you analyze feedback by different criteria — such as company size, location, and industry. Then use pre-built reports to analyze their most valuable feedback and requests, or create your own comparative reports to see which segments you are already responding to — and which ones need more love.

Hero image for the Aha! Ideas segment go-to-market

Read more about using segments.



Organizations records give you an unrivaled perspective into your customers’ requests. Whether they share feedback directly or through a sales or support team member, you can aggregate it all into one account-level Aha! Ideas record, then customize that record to include custom fields. This helps you capture important information such as their industry, revenue, and location. Use prebuilt reports to track the status of each organization’s ideas, see how many organizations are voting for each idea, and how your customers' priorities align with your own.

Help customers understand their organization's needs by giving them a view of all of the ideas, votes, and comments from other portal users at their organization. Or, create an organization-specific ideas portal so your customers can only share and see ideas within their own organization — keeping their ideas private from other companies.

If you have added Aha! Roadmaps to your Aha! account you can take advantage of the organizations custom field to link your organizations to any record type with custom layouts so you can track key customers from ideas through to development.

Aha! Ideas organizations dashboard

Read more about using organizations.



Contacts provide you with a way to aggregate feedback for a specific person across different feedback channels, including ideas portals, empathy sessions, and in-app feedback widgets — in a single record. You can also capture additional details about each person. This enables you to analyze feedback by group, such as people on your customer advisory board or based in a certain location.

The contact details page in Aha! Ideas

Read more about contacts.


AI-powered idea exploration

Staying on top of feedback trends is an important part of idea management. And although you are rarely short on feedback to analyze, you might be short on time. Get an understanding of what type of ideas are trending in your ideas portal without hours of manual work — use the power of generative AI to visualize themes across your ideas. Research ideas for new functionality, explore feedback themes, and find similar requests — so you can gain the insights you need to build more lovable products.

AI-generated feedback themes model

Read more about AI-powered idea exploration.

If you are using Aha! Ideas Advanced plan alongside Aha! Roadmaps, gain valuable insights — including potential revenue and top use cases — using AI idea analysis on the Research tab of goals, initiatives, epics, and features. AI idea analysis empowers you to quickly identify what users need and create real business value.


Idea insights

Glean greater context into an idea's popularity with insights, including organization count, total opportunity value, proxy vote count, and ranking within the workspace or category. The information shown will vary for each idea based on available data. You will see a list of similar ideas ideas popular with the same set of voters.

Idea insights on an idea in Aha! Ideas


Ideas portal language settings

Ideas portals give your customers a voice — so it makes sense that your ideas portals should reflect the language your customers are most comfortable with. With portal language settings, your ideas portal will automatically detect the user's browser setting and display standard text in one of five languages (English, Spanish, German, French, or Dutch) to capture insights from more of your users.

Aha! Ideas portal translated into Spanish

Read more about using ideas portal translation.


Shared SSO configurations

Single sign-on (SSO) makes it easy for people to log in and submit ideas — but it can be tough to manage a new SSO configuration in each new ideas portal. With Ideas Advanced, you can add an identity provider in your Aha! Ideas account settings and use the same configuration for multiple ideas portals. This makes it easier to create new ideas portals without having to set up a unique SSO connection for each one.

Read more about sharing SSO configurations between ideas portals.


Advanced reporting

If you have a lot of ideas, reporting is the key to visualizing trends in your data. In Ideas Essentials, you can prioritize ideas in the priorities chart and analyze them in a list report. But to dive deeper, you need advanced reporting tools. Ideas Advanced includes customizable charts and pivot tables to help you highlight insights that you might otherwise miss.

Status and category pivot report

Read more about using charts and pivot tables.


Empathy sessions

Empathy sessions are a great way to bring people together for a focused discussion through an online, chat-based conversation. You can define a specific topic for your empathy session — such as an upcoming feature or new service. Automatically invite everyone associated with a particular idea (or ideas), then use the threaded conversations and polls to probe deeper into what your customers actually need. After the session, gather the qualitative and quantitative insights and use them to create new ideas or link them to existing ones. Manage empathy sessions as general discussions, or from a record's Research tab, to help you make informed decisions about your work.

A live empathy session with a guide and starred messages

Read more about creating empathy sessions.


In-app feedback

Take feedback collection outside your ideas portal and gather your customers' thoughts and ideas right in your web application. Once you install the code snippet on your application, you can create as many feedback widgets as you like. Solicit feedback from your users about a particular portion of your application. The community-based approach gives users a way to interact directly with your team — as well as with each other. And you get to join the conversation as well.

Add a feedback widget from your Aha! Ideas account

There are two types of in-app feedback widgets.

  • Use the community feedback widget to discuss the feedback with your users in threaded conversations and then analyze the conversation back in Aha! Ideas to identify future enhancements. Aha! Roadmaps users who have added the Aha! Ideas Advanced plan can also fold feedback widgets into records' Research tabs, to help them make more informed decisions about their work.

  • Use the ideas submission widget to collect feedback from your users as ideas, submitted directly to your ideas portal. Your users never have to leave your application to submit ideas, and you can review their feedback (along with ideas you collect through other channels) in one central location.