November 5, 2021 release notes

New for Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Ideas

Now when you share Aha! views as webpages you can include interactive filters and even specific filter values — so your audience can personalize their own view without accessing information they shouldn’t.

Hero image for the interactive filters for shared webpages go-to-market.

New for Aha! Develop

This week we introduced a new Sentry extension for Aha! Develop — so you can prioritize production errors alongside everything else that is on your roadmap. The extension includes an importer extension contribution for bringing Sentry issues into Aha! Develop. It also includes a view extension contribution that displays details about an issue's impact to customers when you add the Sentry custom field to your feature layout.

Hero image for the Aha! Develop Sentry integration go-to-market.


  • Custom fields added to ideas and proxy vote custom layouts now include a tooltip to show the fields’ description text. You can use this text to provide an example custom field value or communicate a custom field’s intended use.

  • Ideas portal terminology settings now include the ability to edit custom field description text for all fields on the ideas portal.

  • The Related tab on an Aha! Develop sprint now includes a section for any requirements added to that sprint.

  • You can now create a workspace line through the Aha! API by using product_line_type.

  • In Settings ⚙️ Account External sharing, administrators with account permissions can now export a CSV file of all records Shared as webpages or Presentations.

  • All Aha! views now optimize their width when exported to PDF.

  • To improve product performance, we have removed the orange dot beside the gear icon in the navigation bar that indicated integration changes to import or export. Expand the gear icon and click Integrations updates to review those integration changes. Note: You will still see the orange dot beside your profile picture indicating you have unread Aha! notifications.


  • When a user tried to edit choices in a predefined choice list custom field that were not on the first page of choices, an issue was forcing them to navigate back to the first page of choices.

  • When a user added an advanced estimate to a record then converted the record to another type (e.g. converted a feature to an epic), an issue was not including the advanced estimate with the new record type.