Aha! Roadmaps | Roadmaps overview

Visual roadmaps are the most powerful way to communicate where your product, project, campaign or service is headed. You can use roadmaps to showcase upcoming features, set expectations around timelines, and ensure management is apprised of your high-level initiatives.

Choose from a variety of visual roadmapping templates powered by the Aha! Roadmaps data model.

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This video shows how to create roadmaps for your team using Aha! product roadmap software.


Hi, this is Claire from Aha! As you know, it's vitally important for product teams to communicate what you're going to build and when so you can keep the broader team aligned. So today, we're going to take a look at how you can visualize your product plans.

Aha! Roadmaps makes it super easy to enter your data once, choose the perfect visualization, and then share a live version with others. Sounds good. right? Let's explore your roadmap options.

Starter roadmap

The starter roadmap is a great choice if you don't have existing plans or want to begin fresh. Any information you add on the roadmap creates real product data that can be used in other views, making it easy to build out your plans as you go.

  • Quickly add new records, such as goals, releases, and features and move them into place on the roadmap.

  • Click any record to enter more details.

  • And customize your roadmap to create a beautiful visualization of your plans.

Portfolio roadmap

Now, let's take a look at the portfolio roadmap. This template is perfect for highlighting plans across multiple products. You can see how individual product releases support strategic initiatives and how those releases are progressing.

  • The circles at the top of the view show when releases will be delivered across your entire suite of products, making it easy to see how everything ties together.

  • Of course, you can customize the portfolio roadmap to show only the product lines and products you choose.

  • And you can use the timeline controls to focus your view on a specific date range.

Strategy roadmap

The strategy roadmap is for showing the timing and progress of critical initiatives.

  • Choose which initiatives you want to include or create new ones as you go. Then organize these initiatives the way you want. Here, we sort our initiatives by status to see how we progressing against our product strategy.

  • You can also change the order of the bars using drag-and-drop. Next, show how your strategy will become a reality.

  • You can expand initiatives to see any linked epics and features and adjust the timing to show when the work will be delivered.

  • Automatically align the start and end date of each initiative with a duration of any visible child records and add dependencies. This helps keep broader plans in sync.

As you can see, the strategy roadmap is an incredibly powerful view for building product plans, from high-level initiatives right down to the details. Sometimes you want to go even deeper into the details.

Features roadmap

The features roadmap is your go-to view for visualizing exactly what you will deliver and when. You have full control over which releases and features you want to show or not show. This is ideal for creating distinct views for customers, partners, and internal teams.

As with all of our roadmap templates, you can customize just about everything. For example, you can choose what information you want to display for each release or feature. Here, we update the roadmap to show the status of each release.

We also select use external dates to communicate the time frame for delivery without setting unrealistic expectations.

Custom roadmap

Have a different use case in mind? Quickly create a custom roadmap to precisely match your needs. Our report builder provides some examples to help you get started. Or you can build your own. Select which record types you want to show, choose dates, add fields, and select how your roadmap bars should be grouped to bring your data to life.

Share your roadmap

When you are ready, share your beautifully crafted roadmap. You can add live roadmap views to Aha! presentations, publish secure webpages, or export as a PDF or image. If you need help, use the question mark in your account.

Get started today with a free 30-day trial, or join one of our live weekly demos. Our Customer Success team is all former product managers and Aha! experts. We want it to help you build beautiful visual roadmaps, and get meaningful work done.