Aha! Roadmaps | Integrate with Confluence

This one-way integration allows you to embed publicly-viewable presentations into Confluence pages if you use Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server, or Confluence Data Center. If you update the view in Aha! Roadmaps, those updates will be reflected automatically in Confluence.

Aha! Roadmaps business model in Confluence

Want to move documentation from a Confluence space to your Aha! account? Use the Confluence importer for a one-way migration.

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Integration type

  • One-way (Aha! Roadmaps to Confluence)

Supported versions

  • Confluence Cloud

  • Confluence Server (version 5.9.4 and above)

  • Confluence Data Center (version 5.9.4 and above)

Required user permissions: Configuration

Required user permissions: User access

Associated record types


Create the integration

First, add and enable the Confluence integration in your Aha! Roadmaps account. This will allow Aha! Roadmaps to send saved views to Confluence.

In your Aha! account

  1. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Account Integrations.

  2. Click + to add a new integration.

  3. Select Confluence.

  4. Check the box next to Enable.

  5. Click Add to Confluence. This will take you to the Aha! Roadmaps for Confluence app download page on the Atlassian Marketplace. Note: You can also access the download page from your Confluence account. From your Confluence home page, navigate to Settings Atlassian Marketplace Find new apps and search for Aha! Roadmaps for Confluence.

  6. From the Aha! Roadmaps for Confluence page, click the Get app button. Then click Get it now.

  7. Congratulations — you now have the Aha! Roadmaps for Confluence app! To adjust settings and configure the app from within Confluence, navigate to Settings Manage apps Aha! Roadmaps for Confluence.


Embed roadmaps in Confluence

Now that you have connected Confluence to Aha! Roadmaps, you can embed presentations, roadmaps, and reports in a Confluence page. To do this, publish your Aha! Roadmaps presentation as a webpage by clicking Generate secure webpage, or enable webpage sharing in your Aha! Roadmaps account, then share your Aha! Roadmaps view using Share as webpage.

Only publicly viewable shared presentations, roadmaps, and reports can be embedded in a Confluence page. Anything that a viewer must login to see cannot be embedded.

Once you have generated a secure link to your Aha! Roadmaps view:

  1. Copy the shareable link from Aha! Roadmaps.

  2. Log in to your Confluence account and open the page where you would like to embed your Aha! Roadmaps view.

  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the page. You will need editing user permissions on the page to do this.

  4. Place your cursor in the location where you would like the macro to appear.

  5. Paste the webpage link from your saved view or presentation. Note: A preview of the webpage is only available for accounts using the cloud version of Confluence. Other versions will need to publish before they can see the webpage.

  6. Click Publish or Update.

You can also attach your saved view or presentation by following these steps:

  1. Click the + button

  2. If you are using Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center, select Other macros. If you are using Confluence Cloud, select View more.

  3. Search for Aha! Roadmaps to find the Aha! Roadmaps for Confluence macro.

  4. Add the secure webpage link from your saved view or presentation and click Insert.

  5. Click Publish.

Aha! starter roadmap in Confluence

After you have successfully embedded your Aha! Roadmaps view:

  • Click the expanding arrows icon on the roadmap to see a full screen version of your view. This will take you out of Confluence to the webpage you embedded.

  • Hover over the Aha! Roadmaps logo, then click Open in Aha! Roadmaps to link to your saved roadmap, report, or presentation in the Aha! Roadmaps application. If you have the appropriate Aha! Roadmaps user permissions, this will take you to the Aha! Roadmaps account where the view was created.


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