Aha! Roadmaps | Workspaces

Welcome to Aha! Roadmaps — roadmapping software that helps you set strategy, prioritize work, and report on the progress of your team's big plans.

When you create a new workspace, you can choose from one of six purpose-built types — so you can invite your team to a workspace that is best suited for what you build or manage. Each workspace is optimized for a given function, with navigation and terminology that is unique to that group. There are specific record types, workflows, and statuses, too.

Teams can work independently or collaborate cross-functionally in the same account. This way, you can create a shared vision that aligns the entire organization. Administrator or workspace owners in Aha! Roadmaps can add new workspaces. There is no limit, so add as many as you need.

If you want to apply workspace settings consistently across your Aha! account, you may be interested in workspace templates.

You can also customize all workspace lines and workspaces in your account to create the perfect environment for you and your team.

Click any of the following links for more detail on a particular workspace type or to learn how to customize your existing workspace. You can also read about the differences between Aha! Roadmaps workspace types.

Product workspaces

Product workspaces were designed so you can build products that customers love. Whether your team focuses on a simple single-product hierarchy or you manage a portfolio of products and product lines, Aha! Roadmaps has what you need to align your team around your product vision and the work that will make your vision a reality.

Product workspaces help you:

Click here for a guided tour of the product workspace.


IT workspaces

IT workspaces have the functionality you need to create awesome user experiences. Every organization depends on efficient processes, from responsive resource management to prioritized plans for technological innovation, and IT sits at the heart of systems, processes, and requests.

IT workspaces help you:

Click here for a guided tour of the IT workspace.


Project workspaces

Project workspaces are excellent for planning and completing complex projects successfully and on time. You can manage sophisticated, interdependent projects — tracking every single dependency and managing risks along the way. Even better, you can connect planned work to strategic initiatives.

Project workspaces help you:

Click here for a guided tour of the project workspace.


Services workspaces

A services workspace is ideal for creating a visual plan for managing client delivery. Your clients want seamlessly integrated offerings, from implementation and training to support and maintenance. And your team needs to see a clear connection between the business value of the services you offer and the effort it takes to deliver excellent experiences.

Services workspaces help you:

Click here for a guided tour of the services workspace.


Business workspaces

Business workspaces are for driving organizational success. You can centralize your operational goals and initiatives as well as set and report on critical business KPIs. Bring clarity and transparency to what the company is trying to achieve and how each department's efforts contribute to your strategy.

Business workspaces help you:

Click here for a guided tour of the business workspace.


Marketing workspaces

Marketing workspaces put strategy at the forefront of your planning. Effective marketing does not happen by accident — you need a clear picture of your target market and how you plan to reach them. You need to align your team around a unified vision and obsessively analyze how effectively you are driving customer engagement and growth.

Marketing workspaces help you:

Click here for a tour of a marketing workspace.


Customize your workspace

The workspace type you select should have what you need to get started quickly. But feel free to continue customizing your workspace so that it matches the exact workflow and terminology of your team. Owners and administrators with customization privileges can customize your workspace settings:

If you are new to Aha! Roadmaps (or new to the type of workspace you just selected), then you might benefit from our Getting Started articles, as well. These quick guides are excellent primers for the basics of roadmapping.