September 3, 2021 release notes

New for Aha! Roadmaps

As of this week, you can instantly sync record dependencies between Aha! Roadmaps and Azure DevOps for better visibility of the work that impacts your product plans.

Hero image for the go-to-market launch of dependency syncing between Aha! Roadmaps and Azure DevOps

New for Aha! Develop

This week, we introduced the Rally importer. You can now install and use the Rally importer extension to pull records from Rally into your Aha! Develop account.

Hero image for the Aha! Develop Rally importer go-to-market.


Aha! Roadmaps

  • We made a few significant improvements to custom worksheets (available to Enterprise+ customers) this week:

    • Custom worksheets now update automatically for all fields. You no longer need to refresh the worksheet manually — if a worksheet is able to reference a field, then the equation will stay up to date.

    • We also removed the "one hop" limitation for advanced equations in custom worksheets. You can now reference fields on records more than one hop away from the initial record. For example, you could now create a worksheet on a feature that looks at a release and all features within that release to calculate remaining release capacity.

    • Finally, worksheets in newly created records will now be activated automatically. This includes records created through create modals, user story maps, the starter roadmap, and any records imported through CSV import or integrations. Worksheets on records that already existed will not be automatically activated, though any worksheet you add to an already created record will be.

  • Enterprise+ customers can now set default teams at the workspace level for advanced capacity planning estimates. When configured an advanced estimate on a record will now pre-populate with your default teams.

Aha! Ideas

  • After a user has created an idea through a dynamic idea submission form (available to Ideas Advanced customers), they can now edit the information from any step in the dynamic form if they want to edit their idea.

  • CRM integrations are now part of the Ideas Advanced plan. Longtime Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Ideas customers (any account created before August 31, 2021) will continue to have access to Salesforce and Zendesk integrations, but will need to upgrade to take advantage of future CRM integrations.

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