November 1, 2019 release notes


This week, we created the ability for you to sort and filter reports by individual scorecard metrics. This gives you another level of analysis to help you find the most valuable items for your team to work on.


  • Aha! searches will now show one result per record and prioritize results with hits in the record’s name and description.

  • You can now use double quotes to search for an exact phrase match in Aha! search.

  • You can now download and preview large mockups.

  • Full account backups now include the full timestamp in the Snapshot date.

  • If you have enabled IP address restrictions in your Enterprise+ Aha! account, those restrictions will now apply to Aha! views that you have shared as a webpage.

  • When you click the + icon between rows on a user story map, you can now choose to add either a row or a release.

  • Pivot tables with a large amount of data will now load significantly faster.

  • If your Aha! account users log in via SAML 2.0, you can use the new field New user message to customize the banner message for users who sign in without access to a product or workspace. You can customize the default New user message to include clickable links or a list of Aha! administrators that the new user should contact to resolve any permissions issues.