March 30, 2018 release notes




  • When editing an integration template that is in use, a message is presented indicating, "These settings are also being used as a template for [x integrations]," with a link to the integrations. An issue prevented this link from working.

  • When viewing a pivot report or custom roadmap containing Many to many relationship custom fields, applying a filter to that custom field type caused all of the report data to disappear.

  • For some users, data within Master-detail relationship custom fields appeared empty until other changes were made to the feature containing the custom table.

  • Features roadmaps that had been customized to present a release's goals and initiatives did not contain the colored icons for those goals and initiatives.

  • When a Jira environment included required fields with default values, integrations 2.0 for Jira was not properly mapping to the default value.

  • When accessing a list report with many columns, Chrome users were unable to scroll horizontally so that they could view offscreen data.

  • Requirement reports did not include a default filter which caused users with many requirements to experience performance issues.

  • When importing an issue from Jira and the issue assignee was mapped to a custom field, an error was presented in some scenarios.

  • When inserting a Bootstrap Button Group into an Aha! mockup, an issue prevented users from editing the fill color for the top button.

  • Custom fields mapped to custom tables with many records experienced performance issues retrieving data from custom tables.

  • An issue prevented some Administrators with billing permissions from accessing the Account Users page.

  • When exporting a to-do report to CSV or Excel, to-do names containing apostrophes did not export as plain text.

  • Creating a new to-do from the calendar report inappropriately adjusted the ordering of existing to-dos.

  • When creating an idea in Aha!, the Categories field did not properly load idea categories for some users.

  • Custom field values that have been deleted were not being included in email notification updates.

  • When editing a Notebook's settings, the Enhanced security setting presented incorrect settings.

  • When selecting an idea's category, the idea category hierarchy was not presented.

  • Bulk editing the product field for ideas did not work consistently.

  • UserVoice idea imports failed for some users.