June 15, 2018 release notes


  • The reporting add data modal has been updated to allow you to quickly search for and add data from multiple record types when creating reports in Aha!


  • The Integration updates modal has been updated to only list 200 changes/records at a time; once those are processed, remaining records will display when the modal reloads.

  • It is now possible to edit different reports simultaneously in separate browser tabs.


  • Integration templates were incorrectly requiring Reviewer or higher user permissions within the product where the template was saved. This has been updated to permit users with Viewer permissions for that product to use the template.

  • When a release's Total features value was selected from the features board while viewing master features, users were redirected to master feature details rather than feature details.

  • When a custom roadmap's time frame was configured to display milestone dates for a date not presented in the report's rows or cells, the report failed to load.

  • When a custom field was placed within the left section of a personas or competitors page, some values did not properly wrap and bled over into the main section.

  • When a dependency report was configured to display records linked to multiple custom tables, only the first record displayed rather than all record links.

  • When a wide table was included in the title slide of a notebook, some data was cut-off when sharing via the web version.

  • When the Initiatives page was filtered by status, the page appeared blank when the product's initiative workflow was changed.

  • When a custom predefined list field in Aha! was mapped to a dropdown in Jira, incorrect values were set in some instances.

  • An issue caused the calendar filter's start and end dates to vanish when navigating between months on the My activity page.

  • The Integration updates screen was inaccessible when it contained updates for a deleted user.

  • Applying filters on the features board did not properly filter master features.

  • In some instances, very large reports were failing to export to CSV.