May 26, 2017 release notes


  • Notification preferences now give users more granular control over how and when they are notified of record updates. To access the new preferences, navigate to Settings Personal Notifications. These updates allow users to do the following:

    • Control emails based on their level of involvement.

    • Control the frequency of emails to instant, hourly, or daily with new digests. This is an example of a daily digest where it shows a summary of changes made for the day for each data element type.

    • Quickly view and manage the records they are involved in.

  • Custom table records can now be imported from CSV for Enterprise+ accounts. This is done through the standard Import from CSV utility by selecting the new "Custom table records" option in the "Choose the type of records you're importing dropdown.

  • Developers can now generate API keys and manage OAuth applications they create from within the Aha! user interface.


  • Product owners on Enterprise+ accounts with paid seat groups enabled can now manage team access to their product as long as it doesn't interfere with the paid seat groups. This allows product owners to invite existing or new users to their product as reviewers or viewers even if the product owner does not have administrative permissions over users.

  • User imports and exports using CSV now support a paid seat group field for Enterprise+ accounts with paid seat groups enabled.

  • Idea portal search now displays a clear "Nothing Found" message when zero results are returned. Previously the result was a blank screen which did not indicate if the search was complete.

  • Capacity estimate has now been added as an available field on the requirements API.

  • Dates are now shown directly in the record history view so users can quickly scan for changes. Users no longer need to mouse-over each update to see the date it occurred. To access the history of a record, click the "Actions" drop-down in the upper right corner and then select "History".


  • Accounts were receiving 308 errors when attempting to authenticate the GitLab integration in some cases.

  • The "control your notification settings" link in notification emails was displaying an error to non-admin users when opened.

  • Scrolling on the Features Board in Safari was delayed and jittery in some cases.

  • The master feature toggle was staying selected on the workflow board after master features were disabled.

  • Pre-defined choice list and tag custom field values were not updating from bulk edit.

  • API requests were not returning consistent date formats for locale in some cases.