March 25, 2016 release notes


  • A complete redesign of all drawer and detail pages went out this week making it easier to create, update, and view key information about your product roadmap. These user interface updates improve the user experience and were driven by the following objectives and design principles:

    • Place greater emphasis on key data

    • Modernize the UI with a simple, clean user interface and experience

    • Create a clear, consistent design across the entire application including product, strategy, releases, features, and ideas

    • Standardize placement for Actions and Add to Notebook functionality across all pages

    • Improve user experience on actions inside of features (i.e. "email watchers" link appears next to the watchers section)

  • Promoting an idea to a feature will now automatically copy idea watchers to become feature watchers. This way, when the conversation moves from ideas to features, the original stakeholders or interested parties can automatically continue to follow the conversation.

  • The display options for when creating idea custom fields have been updated to include a new option allowing for custom fields that are not publicly editable to display in read only mode in the portal. The available selections now support the following display options:

    • Only in aha!

    • On idea submission form only

    • On the idea submission form and in the portal

    • In the portal but not on the submission form

  • Users can now access the Ideas - Overview, List, and Chart views for a product regardless of whether a portal has been created. The changes support the following scenarios:

    • The user is on an Ideas page -- Overview, List, or Chart -- for a product that has ideas navigation enabled. They change the product dropdown menu to a product which does not have the ideas navigation enabled.

      • If the user is a product owner, a page containing a +Enable ideas navigation button appears which will direct the user to Settings - Product - Navigation.

      • If the user is not a product owner, they'll need to ask a product owner to enable the Ideas pages for that product

    • A product owner with admin rights accesses the Ideas - Overview page for a product that does not have a portal. The page will contain a +Create ideas portal button which will direct the user to Settings - Account - Configure idea portals. Non-admin users will not have access to this button.

    • Both the Ideas - List and Chart pages will have the product filters default to the selected product in the product dropdown.

  • You can now add logos for your own products that can then be visualized in the Competitor Matrix View. The logos are added in the Product - Overview page.

  • Adding fields to either the Persona or Competitor views will no longer require a page refresh in order for the new field to be visible on the screen.

  • You can now move (drag) modal windows so that you can view information being displayed behind it.

  • The API has been updated to now include attachments in API responses for note custom fields.

  • Release phases have been re-introduced into the Releases - Details view. This had been removed as part of the UI redesign of all drawer and detail pages but has been re-added due to popular demand.


  • A time tracking bug was fixed related to the automatic logging of time that resulted in some incorrect numbers for reporting. The following updates were made to prevent these numeric errors going forward:

    • The Time tracking history dialog will show the time logged against the feature itself when updates are happening at the requirements level so these entries can be managed.

    • When automatically logging work, it will only be logged against the objects you are using estimates for (i.e. features OR requirements). For example, when you are using requirement estimates, Aha! will no longer allow for logging time directly against the (now hidden) feature estimate.

  • Measures have been taken to prevent the creation of circular merges of ideas. Previously it was possible to create a circle of ideas where A would be merged with B, B merged with C, and C merged with A. This can no longer happen.