Aha! Develop | Import ideas into Aha! Develop

The work your team commits to comes from many sources — records you create yourself, work assigned to your team through an Aha! Roadmaps integration, and records you import from external tools. If you rely on an Aha! ideas portal to receive customer issues (and have integrated your Aha! Develop team with an Aha! Roadmaps workspace), you can also pull ideas directly from the portal and create them as features in your team's backlog.

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Enable the import in an Aha! Roadmaps workspace

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Import an idea into Aha! Develop

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Promote an idea to an Aha! Roadmaps record

Aha! Roadmaps contributor in the idea's workspace


Configure an Aha! Roadmaps workspace

First, you need an Aha! Roadmaps workspace to import ideas from. To do this, someone with Aha! Roadmaps owner permissions to your chosen workspace will need to navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace Aha! Develop Configure. Check the box by Import ideas, then click Update Aha! Develop configuration.

Once done, you will see an option to import ideas from ideas portals associated with this workspace on your backlog management, sprint planning, and workflow board pages. Repeat this process for further Aha! Roadmaps workspaces if you like.


Import ideas to your team

Now that you have configured an Aha! Roadmaps workspace, you can pull ideas from there into your Aha! Develop team. Since these ideas represent work your team wants to complete, we will follow the same process you use to import work from Aha! Roadmaps, an importer extension, or an importer into your backlog.

This flow is the same on the backlog management, sprint planning, or workflow board pages.

  • At the left side of your screen, select Aha! Ideas from the Import dropdown.

  • Select an Aha! Roadmaps workspace that has been configured to allow idea imports.

  • You will now see a list of ideas in that workspace. Drag an idea your team wants to work on into your backlog or click the Filters button to filter the list of ideas by Status, ideas Category, or ideas Portal.


Automatic progress updates

Any idea you pull into your backlog will become a feature assigned to your team — and retain a link back to the original idea on the Related tab. As the feature progresses through your workflow, anyone subscribed to the idea will get an automatic update at two key points:

  • When you first import the idea, the idea's status will change to Planned and all subscribers will be notified.

  • When you complete your feature, the idea's status will change to Complete and all subscribers will be notified.

At any time you can comment on the original idea to gather more information or provide a manual update on your team's progress.