Aha! Develop | Advanced plan features

Develop Advanced is for sophisticated teams that would benefit from an integration with Aha! Roadmaps, single sign-on, automation, and advanced analytics.

All Aha! Develop trials start on the Advanced plan. If you are a Develop Essentials customer, contact us if you would like a live demo of Advanced functionality or would like to try using anything you see here in your account. We do not have salespeople here at Aha! — just product experts.

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Aha! Roadmaps integration

Unify your product development environment. Enable Aha! Roadmaps in your Aha! Develop account to create an integrated product development workflow.

When integrated with each other, product management can simply assign work in Aha! Roadmaps to the right engineering team in Aha! Develop to coordinate what is planned for customers. Unlike other integrations, no data mapping between systems is needed. This is because a record is the same in both tools — so information is always in sync.

Read more about the integration between Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps.


Single sign-on

Streamline user management. Single sign-on (SSO) for your Aha! Develop account enables quick and secure logins — and one less login your users need to keep track of. Choose from SAML 2.0 or Google Cloud Identity identity providers.

If you are using Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop together, your Aha! Roadmaps SSO configuration will automatically apply to Develop.

Read more about configuring SSO in your Aha! Develop account.



Automate repetitive tasks.

  • Automation rules: You can already add code-based automations to any extension in Aha! Develop via an event handler. No-code automation rules work across epics, features, and requirements to update record fields, send emails, assign to-dos, or update related records.

  • Extension event status mapping: Extensions with tools like GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, and Azure DevOps let you view the status of your branches, pull requests, and builds right on the corresponding Aha! Develop record. You can sync that record's status with extension events — so your team can move work forward without switching tools.

Read more about no-code automation rules and extension event status mapping.


Advanced analytics

Track your team's progress and use historical data to improve sprint planning and workflow board performance trends.


  • The velocity report shows your your team's average velocity — and helps you predict their capacity to complete work in a given time period. You can configure it to show a single sprint, or many (the default is the past six sprints), and look at your entire team's capacity or a single team member.

  • The throughput report tracks your team's performance over a given period of time. Intended for Kanban teams that rely on the workflow boards, the throughput report can calculate throughput by records completed or work logged. You can configure it to any time period, and choose to view throughput for your team as a whole or an individual member.

  • The cycle and lead time report visualizes how long it takes your team to complete work either in cycle time (from when they start work to when they finish), lead time (from when they are assigned work to when they finish), or a custom workflow status range you select. You can configure it to any time period, record type, or tab, and choose to view the report for your entire team or an individual member.

In development

  • The burndown chart measures sprint progress against an ideal work burndown. You can configure the chart to show current or past sprints, and team or individual burndowns.

  • The delivery risks report tracks at-risk work across a sprint (or collection of sprints). Use it to find at-risk dependencies in your SAFe® program increment, or to uncover and resolve potential trouble in your sprint — before it derails your team.


  • The work delivered report lists individual records affected by a particular event type over time — by default, the completed records from an Aha! Roadmaps workspace that your team has delivered over a given time period.

  • The value delivered report charts the amount of product value your team has delivered over a given time period. Group records by release or strategic initiative, or filter by type, team member, or time frame. Click on any column to open the work delivered report's list of records in that column.

  • The sprint retrospective report combines summary and detailed information about your team's sprint, so that you can hold an insightful retrospective.

In any report, click on a data point to see a prebuilt list report of all records related to that data point and uncover more detailed insights.

Read more about reporting in Aha! Develop.


Manage sprint capacity by individual team members

Set more realistic sprint plans. Use personalized availability and historical velocity to calculate each team member's expected sprint capacity. Then plan a sprint with confidence. Assign work to team members without overloading them, complete work on time, and keep everyone happy.

Read more about managing sprint capacity by individuals.


SAFe program increments

Coordinate delivery across teams. If your organization follows SAFe, you can organize teams into team lines, then define program increments to coordinate sprint cadence.

Read more about creating program increments.