Aha! Whiteboards | Advanced plan features

Aha! Whiteboards comes with two plan options. The Aha! Whiteboards Essentials plan includes everything you need to brainstorm and refine concepts. The Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan is for teams that want to explore advanced whiteboarding capabilities. With the Advanced plan, you can create stunning wireframes, craft custom whiteboard templates, and use voting and countdown timers to gain alignment from stakeholders.

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Mock up new user experiences. From early concepts to realistic designs, use 25+ configurable wireframe components to bring product concepts to life and engage key design and development stakeholders.

Engage key colleagues

Read more about wireframes.


Audience voting

Align on priorities. Arrange your ideas on a whiteboard, then invite stakeholders to a voting session. Gather their feedback, tabulate their votes, and move forward with consensus.

A timed collaborative voting session taking place in Aha! Whiteboards

Read more about audience voting.


Countdown timer

Timebox team collaboration. Use a countdown timer to keep everyone focused during brainstorming and collaborative planning sessions.

Countdown timer in front of customer journey whiteboard template.

Read more about the countdown timer.


Custom whiteboard templates

Drive consistency. Design your own custom template and add it to the template library in your Aha! account, so contributors to your workspace have access to a pre-built visualization that covers your business needs. Add them to a workspace line and every child workspace will inherit them.

5 whys custom whiteboard template

Read more about creating a custom whiteboard template.


Template design support

Bring in the experts. The Aha! design team created the current Aha! template library. If you have a large team, our designers will help you create a custom whiteboard template at no cost.

Reach out to our Customer Success team to get started.