Export and back up your data

We know how important it is to keep Aha! products reliable, so we operate active-active from multiple distributed data centers and maintain a real-time, streaming replica of all customer data on separate hardware. In addition, we maintain hourly backups in a geographically separate data center. Read more about our security and reliability in our Security overview.

If you want to create a local backup for your own records, you can export data you have selected by saving to an Excel or CSV file, while Enterprise+ customers can export a full JSON backup file of their Aha! Roadmaps account.

Are you trying to restore data that you have recently deleted? You may want to try the Recycle bin in Settings ⚙️ Account Recycle bin first. You will need to be an administrator with customization privileges to do this.

Save an Excel or CSV file

Almost all data in Aha! products can be exported as an Excel or CSV file, allowing customers to easily back up their most important data. To do this, create a list report.

  • Aha Roadmaps customers: navigate to Roadmaps List

  • Aha! Ideas customers: navigate to Reports List

  • Aha! Develop customers: navigate to Work List

Once there, add and filter the data you wish to export. Then click the Share button in the upper right corner to export the list as a Microsoft Excel or CSV file.

Exporting will strip the formatting from any formatted text, such as a record description or comments on a record. You can add HTML formatting back in when you are preparing to import a CSV file back into your Aha! account.