June 21, 2024 release notes

New to Aha! Roadmaps

This week, we introduced frameworks: a breakthrough way to define and diagram how the team works in the same tool where you actually work. Create frameworks based on common product development methodologies like SAFe or scrum, build your own, or use the Aha! framework — the first time we have shared how we build lovable software ourselves.

Aha! product development framework in a whiteboard

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Aha! Roadmaps


Aha! Ideas


Aha! Knowledge

  • Collapse and expand folders in published knowledge bases, just like you can with internal document hierarchies.

  • If your knowledge base is set to Publish after drafting, you can use a pre-built report in your knowledge base settings to report on publishing and unpublishing, including the knowledge base name, user who published, and timestamp.

  • Choose whether you would like to hide the top-level document in your published knowledge base, to display child documents as their own sections.


Aha! API

  • You can now use the API to view and use the recycle bin, including details about what is in the recycle bin at any given moment (record name and ID, which user deleted the record, and when it was deleted). You can also restore records from the recycle bin using the API.