March 13, 2020 release notes


This week, we created the ability to add filters inline on reports, roadmaps, and other Aha! views. Hover over the filters bar and click the Add filters + icon to add a basic filter quickly, or click the Edit filters icon to add advanced filters.

Support - March 13, 2020 release notes - inline image


  • The Info Users and Settings ⚙️ Account Billing Users pages now reflect users' custom roles.

  • The sidebar navigation for the Settings pages (Personal, Account, and Workspace) can be expanded or collapsed to allow quicker access to the settings you need to adjust.

  • CSV imports now allow you to reference initiatives by reference number as well as numeric ID.

  • If you are importing data into Aha! from an integration (such as Jira, Rally, Azure DevOps, or Trello), Aha! now displays error messages to you if any occur.


  • If an advanced filter was using the None logical operator to filter out a subset of field values, an issue was causing records without that field to be filtered, even though Is blank was not one of the selected values.

  • When sorting a list of sub-releases by release date, an issue was causing the sort logic to use the sub-release's release dates rather than their master release date.

  • If a user filtered custom table records by a many-to-many custom field, an issue was limiting the records available for filtering to only those custom table records that were used in the many-to-many custom field. Now, all records in the custom table record will be available for filtering.