October 18, 2019 release notes


This week, we added the ability for you to map progress fields as with Jira, Rally, Azure Devops, Trello, Asana, and GitHub. Now as teams work on integrated records, their progress data will flow back to Aha!


  • Publishing a large presentation to PDF just got significantly faster.

  • In the starter roadmap, record names can be longer than their bars. Now when you double click on a bar you will still be able to see the entire name to edit it.

  • You can now star images from a record's image preview gallery.

  • If you have sent your feature to multiple integrations of the same type, reports will now display each integration, rather than just one.

  • Releases in a user story map are now ordered by their release date, and then alphabetically. If you add parking lots to a user story map, it will mirror the order you have them in your Features Board.

  • We significantly improved the performance of the History page.

  • If you have enabled it in Settings Personal Notification preferences, you receive a weekly digest email for the products and workspaces in your account. We've updated the digest email to help you plan for the week ahead, and you will now start receiving it on Mondays, not Fridays.

  • All workspace types that enable capacity planning can now select either Story points or Time in Settings Workspace Configure Planning Default units for planning. These options will also be visible when creating or editing releases and schedules.