October 11, 2019 release notes


This week, we launched a new integration with Atlassian Confluence. You can now share a live view of your Aha! roadmaps, reports, and presentations directly in Confluence, whether you use the server or cloud Confluence implementation.


  • You can now add product and marketing workspaces at any time from your hierarchy dropdown and the + menu if you are an owner or admin.

  • Release phases now include the release ID in the Aha! API, so you can more easily tell what release a particular phase belongs to.

  • We have added three new functions for use in custom equations:

    • length — The length of a string

    • substr — Extract a portion of a string by index and character count

    • strpos — Find the index of a substring in a string

  • When inviting a new user, we have added a field called Primary function. This helps us better understand our users and tailor future Getting started guides and product development to those functional types.

  • You can now customize your features board to display images for your master feature and feature cards. This will pull from the first attachment listed on the record. There have also been general improvements to card customizations across Aha! to create consistency.


  • The assignee now remains assigned when you drag a card to a new status on a workflow board where Group by is set to None.