January 11, 2019 release notes


  • A new report filter option called To-do name search has been added for users to filter reports by the name of a to-do.

  • Five new templates have been added to help users get started with custom tables. The new templates are designed for customers with custom datasets related to customers, markets, opportunities, partners, and release history.


  • The sorting options on pivot tables and list reports have been renamed to clarify the direction of the sort order. The sorting options of ascending and descending have been updated to the following:

    • Text field sorting options are now Sort A to Z and Sort Z to A.

    • Number field sorting options are now Sort 1 to 9 and Sort 9 to 1.

    • Date/time field sorting options are now Sort oldest to newest and Sort newest to oldest.

  • The action of linking records to release phases has been improved. Prior to this change, some customers found it difficult to identify the correct phase when linking a record to a release phase, especially when phase names were reused across releases. Now, when you are linking a record to a phase, the phases are presented as product release phase.


  • The workflow board was allowing users to move a feature into a status that was assigned to a different product. This was occurring when the board was filtered for more than one product (or unfiltered).

  • In some instances, an issue with the Customize cards setting was preventing feature cards from receiving customized card layouts.

  • An issue with the bulk edit records capability was preventing users from making bulk changes to releases.

  • An issue with the GitHub integration (2.0) was preventing updates from flowing back to Aha! when GitHub project cards were updated.

  • An issue was preventing users from shipping releases with requirements that were marked as Ready to ship.

  • Custom scorecards were displaying a value of zero for all un-scored records. Now, un-scored records display the value defined on the Account Configure scorecards Preview field.

  • In some instances, the Is not blank report filtering option was causing text-based custom fields with blanks to appear in reports.

  • The Settings Account Custom Fields Used in layouts column was not showing custom layouts when custom fields were used in the create record layouts modal.

  • In some instances, an issue with ideas portals was causing the idea count represented in the Ideas Portal Filter by category navigation to be different from the actual number of ideas within that category.