August 23, 2019 release notes


This week, we added the ability to include master features and master activities on the starter roadmap and updated the color scheme. Now you can visualize your work grouped by theme or by release — whatever best fits your strategic goals.


  • We recently added the ability for you to track progress on roadmaps and reports. This week, we made two improvements:

    • We expanded that functionality to let you import progress values on CSV imports and access and update them through the Aha! API.

    • You can now enable progress or update the progress calculation source on multiple records at once using bulk update.

  • Marketing workspaces can now import records using the Import from development tool function.

  • Ideas and requests can now be copied, just like other Aha! record types. Click the More options button and select Copy idea or Copy request.

  • Features, activities, and to-dos have an Assign to me link so you do not have to select your name from a list. This link now appears on ideas and requests.

  • We recently enabled all product 2.0 integrations for marketing workspaces. This week we enabled all product 1.0 integrations for marketing workspaces as well.

  • We have completed several improvements to the user story map, including:

    • You can now choose to display or hide master features and master activities on the user story map.

    • You can now drag a master feature or master activity into a different column with no need to add one first.

    • You can now quickly add a new column using the new + icon or delete using the delete icon.


  • An issue was causing the Send emails setting for portal user imports to not be correctly respected.

  • When a user has promoted an idea/request to a master feature/master activity or feature/activity and then converted that record to another record type, the new record would not link back to the promoted idea/request.

  • An issue with 2.0 integrations with auto-import enabled was erroneously causing records without a linked parent to be automatically imported.