September 14, 2018 release notes



  • Importing users via CSV has been improved in several ways:

    • User product permissions can now be bulk updated via CSV.

    • It is now possible to import users who are members of another Aha! account.

    • If the total users being imported exceeds the account's available paid seats, every user will still be imported so that Aha! administrators can activate/deactivate the users as needed.

  • The releases details page displays a count for the total number of completed features. It had previously only counted features in the "Done" status category. It now also includes any features in the "Shipped" status category.

  • The iframe setting for ideas portals is now disabled by default for new portals. Existing ideas portals can continue to use iframe through the Legacy setting (or by choosing the Embedded setting. However, Legacy setting cannot be selected again once you select another option.

  • It is now possible to report on the latest comment for goals, initiatives, releases, release phases, requirements, and to-dos.

  • Master-detail custom field values can now be imported via CSV for custom tables.


  • An error caused some users to continue to receive notifications from integration comments even though their Receive notifications for integration comments setting was disabled.

  • Creating a new release from the features board incorrectly caused the entire board to be filtered to only show that release.

  • An issue created the possibility for the same issue in GitHub to be linked to two separate features in Aha!

  • An error prevented pivot tables from displaying properly in the web view of Aha! notebooks for Safari users.

  • When a filter was applied to the features board, the feature count was not appropriately updating.

  • In some instances, burndown charts no longer displayed trend lines when a feature's scope changed.

  • When a master feature's capacity fields were updated, the changes were not reflected in history.

  • An error prevented single-page notebooks from being embedded into another web page.

  • In some instances, reports appeared partially cut off in the web view of notebooks.

  • Linked custom objects for many to many custom fields were not accessible via the API.

  • Records assigned to users as the default assignee did not show up on their My work page.

  • In some instances, renaming an iteration in TFS broke the integration link in Aha!

  • The release filter listed releases out of order for some reports and roadmaps.

  • In some instances, an error was presented after attaching a Dropbox file.

  • It was possible to select disabled users from the My work page.