March 9, 2018 release notes



  • When a master feature in Aha! was linked with an outside development system, new features created under that master feature were automatically sent; this has been enhanced so that new features no longer send by default.

  • Integrations 2.0 for Microsoft VSTS and TFS has been enhanced so that a record's URL in Aha! can map to the Hyperlink field in VSTS/TFS.

  • Report data can now be sorted so that empty fields show up first or last in the report.

  • Release created at is now a reportable and filterable data point in Aha! reports.


  • The following fixes apply to integrations:

    • Integrations 2.0 for Microsoft VSTS and TFS:

      • Errors isolated to TFS 2015 prevented some users from successfully mapping records or accessing the TFS fields API.

      • In some instances, records sent from Aha! did not appropriately map to the TFS area.

    • Integrations 1.0 and 2.0 for Jira:

      • When a Jira issue description contains an issue key, the key is transformed into a clickable link in Jira; an issue with integrations 2.0 for Jira caused this link to be duplicated in the bi-directional sync.

      • Custom Jira select lists were not syncing with text fields in Aha!

    • Integrations 2.0 (general):

      • When editing a 2.0 integration, an error prevented some users from clicking the Reload configuration button.

    • Integrations 1.0 (general):

      • When attempting to send all features in a release, an error prevented all but the first feature from being sent.

  • Voting in an ideas portal requires users to sign in or sign up. An issue prevented votes from being displayed after authentication; this has been enhanced so that the ideas portal now updates the vote on sign in.

  • An issue with exporting Aha! Notebooks as PDFs caused some users to experience a warning when opening with Adobe Acrobat; this functionality has been improved to eliminate those edge cases.

  • Performance has been improved when shipping a release so that releases with many features and requirements do not receive a timeout error.

  • Feature type templates were not working for features added from the master feature details page.

  • In some instances, adding a filter to a list report prevented users from exporting as CSV or Excel.

  • Users running Safari version 11.0.3 (12604. were unable to log in to ideas portals.

  • Aha! mockup thumbnails containing text rendered misaligned text in a misaligned font.

  • Reports were not correctly presenting a Save button when changes were made.

  • Test emails triggered from an ideas portal configuration page were not sending.

  • H1 headers in feature descriptions were not displaying correctly.