January 12, 2018 release notes


  • Aha! mockups now have version history, including the ability to revert to a previous version of the mockup.

  • Integrations 2.0 for Jira now supports mapping Jira components with pre-defined choice list custom fields in Aha!

  • Integrations 2.0 for Jira now supports manually linking requirements in Aha! with Jira issues.

  • When viewing an idea in an ideas portal, idea summaries were previously presented as clickable links which made them difficult to select, copy, and paste; this has been updated so they are no longer clickable.


  • The following fixes apply to integrations 2.0:

    • Improved error messaging has been added to the development system import process to assist with troubleshooting import issues.

    • It was possible for integration templates to reference themselves; this has been disabled.

    • When a custom field's name contained Aha! specific terminology (for example "New-Idea-Priority"), that custom field name was not properly reflected in the field mapping on the integration screen.

    • Improved error messaging has been added when a user does not have access to a Jira project.

    • The parent relationship between features and requirements was not being correctly set when importing or updating records in Rally.

    • Jira via Connect integrations with invalid configurations could not be deleted.

  • Aha! mockups containing text elements were not presenting preview thumbnails properly in Safari.

  • When pivot reports are customized to "Color by," an algorithm determines if white or black text would read easier within colored columns. An issue caused some text to display differently than it did on export.

  • When reports were filtered by custom predefined tags fields or custom tags fields, an error prevented users from resetting the filters once a selection was made.

  • When a user's home page was set to a page they no longer had access to, they were not able to log in; these users will now be redirected to the default home page and their settings reset to the default.

  • An issue prevented users from logging into Aha! when their email address included capital letters.

  • When pivot reports were set to calculate cell data but one of the cells contained an empty (or blank) value, the report suffered a formatting issue.

  • Aha! mockups synced with Jira were being deleted in Aha! when a user deleted them in Jira.

  • Users with an "Account" Administrator user permission were not seeing "Account" as an available option in the settings drop-down.

  • When exporting portfolio roadmaps to PDF/image, product swimlanes were cutting off at page breaks; this has been updated so that product swimlanes will always be fully displayed on one page.