February 23, 2018 release notes


  • When syncing Aha! mockups with Jira, the originally synced attachment will now be updated when the mockup is updated; previously, edits were sent as additional attachments.

  • The activity webhook, Slack, HipChat, and Flowdock integrations now support notifications for to-do related events.

  • Ideas portal searches can be cleared via the "x" button in the search bar.

  • Custom terminology is now applied when bulk editing features.


  • Previously, when viewing the strategy roadmap, any initiatives without start/end dates were automatically updated with dates. This roadmap now contains a default filter to exclude initiatives without dates; if an initiative is manually added, dates will be automatically allocated for it.

  • When a feature's priority was synced with Jira (via the "Aha! rank" value), the issue's rank in Jira was not automatically queued for an update when the linked feature's priority changed in Aha!

  • When a user's notification preferences were set to something other than the default, Administrators were unable to expand the product hierarchy on the page.

  • When a requirement linked with a Jira issue moved from one feature to another and its release changed in the process, the fix version was not updated in Jira.

  • Email notifications were sent when a master feature was copied; this has been updated to no longer send notifications for this action.

  • Changing a Jira issue's epic link or fix version fields did not correctly update the linked record in Aha!

  • Some users were not receiving email notifications when @ mentioned in comments.

  • An error occurred when accessing a mockup created from a copied feature.