December 21, 2018 release notes


  • Two major enhancements have been made to the GitHub integration:

    • Users can now map any Aha! record field with GitHub's issue description by mapping Aha! records to the Body:Data field. This makes it possible to sync any custom field or important Aha! field to GitHub.

    • Users can now prevent Aha! from syncing to the GitHub issue body. (Previously, this happened automatically and was problematic for users syncing to public repositories.) To do this, just delete the URL to Body:URL mapping in integrations.

  • On the Account Settings Configure feature types, statuses, and workflows page, when a single workflow is enabled for features and master features, the actions to clone, edit, and delete the workflow now appear in one row of actions instead of two rows of actions for the same workflow.

  • Error reporting has been improved for users who import records from Trello to help diagnose potential issues with the Trello JSON export file.

  • The line that appears below underlined text in Aha! notebooks now matches the color defined in the text box font.


  • An issue with master features was preventing to-dos from appearing when copying a master feature.

  • An error was preventing users with reviewer permissions from submitting ideas.

  • An issue with user permissions was inaccurately warning product owners when they attempted to create a product using the + icon.

  • In some instances, errors would occur when building a report with custom table values as the base record.

  • In some instances, an issue was preventing users from deleting workflow statuses in a timely manner.